Fender Releases New Guitar FX Pedals!

Following the recent re-issue of the Fender Blender Custom pedal, Fender has launched a range of new classic-inspired stompboxes @ NAMM 2008 – with seriously cool vintage tones and cosmetics!

The new effects line includes:

The Fender Fuzz Wah and Fender Volume/Tone feature clever dual action treadle plates that not only rock forwards and backwards like a traditional wah-wah, but also move from left to right.

For example, when using the Fender Fuzz Wah, rocking back and forth manipulates the wah-wah filter envelope as you would expect, while moving the treadle to the right increases the amount of fuzz.

The Fender Phaser, meanwhile, has a large illuminated dial that is easy to manipulate on the fly with judicious use of a foot. This is definitely one of the most interesting phaser pedals we’ve ever seen!

Like the Fender Blender, those new FX pedals from Fender are sturdy, reliable and offer that cool, vintage look and tones to die for! Get yours now!


~ by dolphinblog on January 24, 2008.

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