Noel Gallagher and some of his many guitars

Considering that Oasis are one of the biggest bands ever, and Noel such an influential guitarist,  who inspired many kids to pick up an electric guitar since the band released its debut single “Supersonic”,  it’s quite surprising that info about Noel Gallagher’s gear is so sketchy and incomplete – no extensive gear interviews, no clear photographs of his pedalboard, etc. And with the forthcoming release of their new album, “Dig Out Your Soul”, interest in Noel’s gear can only grow once again…so it was about time we had a good look into what he’s been using over the years!

We had to pull info from many different resources, videos, photos, even memory! Cross-reference and put all we could find in one single place – the first and only place on the web to feature all this info together!

The job is not made any easier by the fact that Noel is a true “gearhead”. He collects guitars, amps and effects pedals and it’s quite difficult to find out what was using at any given time – his setup changed several times, and there might be some pedals listed here, for instance, that he may or may not have used live but maybe just in records.

Therefore, we are NOT able to give a 100% accurate picture of what gear Noel Gallagher use(d) …it’s bound to have some omissions. We’ll also mention every single pedal mentioned on the web as used by Noel…the few we think are wrong we’ll still mention – but say so. But, all in all, this guide is definitely (maybe) quite accurate still, so enjoy!

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A “Guitar Player Blog” reader, Lloyd, got in touch with us, with some first hand info we’d like to share with you. A friend managed to get some really good pics of Noel’s and Gem’s pedalbaords. And here’s what could be seen. Thank you for the info, Lloyd!


Early Years – 1994:

Like many skint, up-and-coming musicians who wanted to get some good affordable gear, his main guitar in the early years before the release of “Supersonic” was an Epiphone, the Les Paul Standard model, in cherry Sunburst…like this one.  It might be the same one you see on the UK version of the “Supersonic” video.

Ampwise, Noel had a quite interesting setup: A Roland Space Echo RE-201 into a some small Marshall Combo and then into a Vox AC-30, as the photograph below, taken in January 1994 shows:

Noel Gallagher performing at the Water Rats in London in 1994.

click to enlarge!

The explanation: as we all know, Noel loved, at the time, the crunchy sound of a good Marshall amp distortion, so he plugged it into the clean channel of a Vox AC-30…possibly a late 70s version with no reverb. The Space Echo was used for the reverb and nice compression sound. Though, if  he wasn’t using a Boss DD-3 at the time, then maybe the delay sounds you hear in tracks such as “Columbia” are the Space Echo.

In the first Oasis TV appearance, playing “Supersonic” (available on the Definitely maybe DVD) Noel still had the Space Echo and Marshall, but the Vox AC-30 gave way to the WEM Dominator 25 watt tube Amp. We personally think that’s one of the coolest setups Noel ever had – simple, great tone…we have no info whether that setup was used in the studio for the “Definitely Maybe” sessions, but his live sound around this era (and then throughout the ‘Definitely Maybe’ promotional gigs) was great: really loud and distorted, a true “wall of noise” that was somewhere between the shoegaze noise Noel must’ve listened to a lot (and popular during the early 90’s) and the more classic rock sound he adopted later.

If you want to have a similar setup to this, here’s what we recommend:

If you want a Les Paul and want to spend less than the Epiphone price, go for the Vintage V100, which’s as good as the Standard Epiphone Les Paul! The Vintage Lemon Drop is probably BETTER than any Epiphone…

Pedal-wise, there’s no sure reports of what he was using, but possibly the same ones was he’s definitely using in 1994 and 1995.

Another trademark Noel Gallagher trick is to add delay on some guitar solos. So…get a delay pedal, it’s essential!

Breakthrough Year 1994-1995:

In the picture above you can see Noel and one of his cherry sunburst Les Pauls, plus the WEM amp in the background.

Noel may have kept the Epiphone Les Paul, but later on he moved to Gibson ones: He could be seen using a Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul (with open coil bridge pickup), and a black Gibson Les Paul Custom (first US tour, December UK gigs) which gained an “Oasis” sticker somewhere along the way. And, of course, we can’t forget the beautiful late 70’s Epiphone Rivieras, in dark brown/ (really deep) Wine Red.

Here’s some pics (click to enlarge):

Noel and his Les Paul Custom

 Noel Les Paul Custom Noel Gallagher performing with his Les Paul Custom with sticker

Noel with his Epiphone Riviera:

Noel Gallagher and his Epiphone Riviera Noel And his Epiphone Riviera

The late 70’s Epiphone Riviera that Noel and Bonehead used to play are quite different than the other Riviera models made before and since: they have humbuckers and stoptail bridges. The original 60’s Rivieras (and the ones made up until recently) had frequensator tailpiece and mini-humbuckers. The Epiphone Riviera made in the early 90s are a mix of both: they had proper humbuckers but also the frequensator tailpiece.

Those late Epiphone Riviera’s are called MIJ (or Matsumoko) Rivieras, made in Japan from around 1978 to 1982.

Other Guitars: on the “Supersonic” single sleeve there are two guitars that Noel may have used in the studio but not live – a Gibson ES-335 (red) and a Rickenbacker Jetglo, either the 330 Jetglo or the 360 model.


His main amp appears to be a Marshall Stack then – Marshall JCM 900 100 watt head w/1960A & 1960B 4×12 cabinets.

Some sites list a Marshall Bluesbreaker that could be spoted in some gigs, but we’ve seen some pics on Bonehead’s side of the stage… and this website also lists 2 Trace Elliot Velocettes and Burns Orbit Three, but we can’t confirm any of that.

FX Pedals:

By the end of 1994/ early 1995  (Live By The Sea DVD) Noel Gallagher’s pedalboard definitely had the following pedals:

Some say he also had  a Boss CS-3 Compressor  and a Boss SD-2 Dual Overdrive. One of Noel’s favourite tricks was to use lots of delay and scratch his guitar strings with a metal slide…definitely one of the most fun things a guitarist can do onstage!

Some reports suggest that Noel only used the TS-9 for solos, relying on the Marshall distortion.

THE BIG TIME – What’s The Story (Morning Glory) To Knebworth, 1995-1996:

Noel’s setup changed little during this time, still sticking to his favourite guitars, amps and FX pedals. One notable addition to his pedalboard was a classic Boss PH-3 phaser pedal used for some psychedelic swirly sounds during live “jams” such as “I Am The Walrus”  on the “There And Then” DVD.

In a promo photo released during the recording of “Some Might Say”, Noel is seen holding a Gibson Non-Reverse Firebird, awith an Orange stack in the background:

Noel hoodie

According to some sources Noel used 2 Orange Overdrive 120 heads w/2 4×12 cabinets. Marshall Stack still a favourite.

On the credits of “What’s The Story (Morning Glory)” it also says that Noel used an e-bow.

And then there was…MAINE ROAD!

In the above pic you can see what looks like a Marshall Bluesbraker on Noel’s side, next to the Marshall stack.

It was at Maine Road that Noel Gallagher debuted his most iconic guitar – the Epiphone Sheraton Union Jack.

Some might say it’s a Epiphone Riviera, but they are wrong…the headstock gives the clue: it’s a 60’s Epiphone Sheraton alright. Unlike the new Sheratons, the 60s version looked very similar to the 60’s (and to the most recent) Riviera, as both featured frequensator tailpiece and mini-humbuckers (more info here) If i recall correctly, I read somewhere that it was a present from Meg Matthews, and customized by a London luthier.

Maybe most of you realize this, but some might not: It’s worth noting that Noel Gallagher’s signature guitar, the Epiphone Supernova, is an entirely different thing from the Union Jack guitar he played at Maine Road, and we’ve found no evidence he’s ever played it. He just posed with it. The guitar – excellent as it is, by all accounts – is just an expensive piece of merchandise…and quite different than the original Union Jack guitar: the Supernova has stoptail bridge and humbuckers, as opposed to frequensator and mini-humbuckers, making it closer to the Epiphone Sheraton II or the 70s Epiphone Riviera.

The 60’s  Epiphone Sheraton quickly became one of Noel’s favourite guitars, and could be seen at several gigs – not the Union Jack, but a sunburst model.


Sadly discontinued, the Epiphone John Lee Hooker Signature Sheraton I (not the Sheraton II) looked exactly like Noel’s. Some sites say Noel Gallagher played one – he might, but not before 2000, when the guitar was released. So the guitar we see him playing at 1996 gigs – including Knebworth – must be an original 1960s Sheraton.


Where Did It All Go Wrong? After the halcyon days of Knebworth, all of a sudden Oasis were no cool anymore in the eyes of many, despite their still huge popularity, and one of the reasons was “Be Here Now”, the cocaine-fuelled Britpop opus and nail in the coffin.

But, on a guitar point of view, we got little to complain – Noel Gallagher sounded wilder and louder than ever!

He was using some fuzz pedal for the first time, a Coloursound Tone Bender. The Coloursound myspace page lists him as one of the clients. Great pedal, dearly priced. (For cheaper options, the Boss FZ-5 and the Electro-Harmonix Double Muff are great for vintage gritty tones like the Tone Bender)

He still used his Epi Sheraton a lot, but during the “Be here Now” tour hi smain guitar seemed to be the Gibson Silver Florentine (Les Paul Semi-Acoustic):

Of course, he famously appeared with a  Gibson Flying V on the “Do Y’r Know What I Mean” video, and posed with a  Blue Fender Jaguar, but posterity has not registered whether he played them on records or gigs:


AND THEN COMES “Go Let It Out” and “Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants” (2000) and the MOST ACCURATE NOEL GALLAGHER PEDALBOARD we could gather together in this whole article!

As played in the Jools Holland special in 2000 on BBC:

The Hughes & Kettner pedal is an excellent “Leslie Speaker” simulator, used in tracks such as “Who feels Love?”

Noel Gallagher also began using Rickenbacker guitars…including a white Rickenbacker 330 which used to belong to Paul Weller, and used when The Jam performed “Beat Surrender” on Top Of The Pops! Weller is a good friend of Noel and gave the guitar as a present.

But his main Rickenbacker was a 330 Mapleglo…beautiful guitar…used for “Go Let It Out” and “Who Feels Love”:

Of course, it’s also worth mentioning the pink Fender Telecaster (paisley) which he used on the Wembley 2000 gigs and can be seen on the “Familiar To Millions” DVD.


Guitar-wise, Noels current favourite is a Gibson ES-355 with Bigsby, in Cherry. This is NOT an ES-345 as reported in some sites. View a ES-355 here

However…Noel also has a Gibson ES-345! But it’s a non-bigsby model, also in cherry:

It’s easy to tell the difference: Noel’s ES-355 has a Bigsby, the ES-345 doesn’t! Also, the ES-355 has a diamond inlay headstock, like a Les Paul Custom. The ES-345 doesn’t.

Also, another favourite guitar is the Gibson Trini Lopez, as seen on the video for “Lyla”.

Noel Gallagher and Gibson Trini Lopez

Noel Gallagher and Gibson Trini Lopez

Noel also uses the El Dorado guitar straps, and you can see him with his strap and Trini Lopez guitar here.

He can also be seen with a Les Paul, as well as the occasional Telecaster. And here’ sa few pics for you:


Noel Gallagher performing live onstage, playing Fender Telecaster guitar at Ancienne Belgique

Above: Fender 60s Telecaster, White…a new one is quite affordable!

His pedalboard/rack / Amps have ballooned so much, it’s quite hard to keep track of what’s his current gear and how it all works! We managed to find info on two similar but different recent setups, which as far as we can see are almost 100% accurate!

One surprising thing is that his main amp now is the little (but great) Fender Blues Junior!

Click on the images to resize:

Noel Gallagher (Oasis) setup

We can see (almost) clearly that he now uses a Dunlop Crybaby 535Q Wah, still uses an TS-9 Tubescreamer, has a Danelectro Dan-Echo delay, a discontinued Boss PN-2 tremolo/pan, and still used the LS-2, Echodrive and Rotosphere pedals. According to the scheme, the LS-2 is used to bypass a Line 6 rack delay, which can indeed be seen in the pictures.

The other rack-mounted gear include a Korg DTR-1 Tuner (now surpassed by the DTR-1000), TC Electronics 2290 delay, compressor,  Furman PL8 Power Supply, signal splitter and noise redction boxes…

His main amp sound are 2 Blues Jrs run through THD Hotplates into Marshall 4x12s (with Celestion G-12’s) There are two heads too: a vintage  Vox AC-50 head, and also an Orange head…some mention OTR-120 but could also be a different Orange one. Other amps mentioned as being used by Noel are Clark Beaufort Combo and Clark Tyger Combo, but we found no more details about it, so not sure!

So far so good, but we found more recent (2007) pictures which seem to update the info above a bit!

Huge new Pedalboard, maybe some MIDI controls fro the racks as well? Who knows. Between the TS-9 and the Wah there’s a new pedal, dark purple, which fits with the boutique Analogman King Of Tone. According to their website “In spring 2004 Noel Gallagher from Oasis got one and is using it a lot along with his mini bicomp and DD-6 with high cut mod”. We can see that the Dan-Echo is gone and there’s a Boss delay there…so it must be the Boss DD-6 as mentioned by Analog Man!

Like Gem Archer, now Noel uses a Line 6 DL-4 pedal.

The SIB Echodrive, Boss PN-2 and LS-2 Line Selector remain.

We can’t see them on the photographs, but some sites state that Noel has purcahsed the Crowther Hotcake pedal and the Pete Cornish SS2. The Pete Cornish website states that Noel purchased a custom SS2 fuzz pedal in 2005…

As for his amps…the setup is almost the same…except there’s no Orange head to be seen, just one Blues Junior, a Fender head into a Fender Cab (on top of a Marshall cab). There’s also a Line 6 Pod Pro (now surpassed by the Pod XT Pro model)

The picture below shows the (current) amp setup of Noel Gallagher (click to resize):

Getting The Noel Gallaghet Current Tone:

Getting a basic Noel-like setup won’t be that expensive, really. Go for a Fender Blues Junior, into a Marshall MG412 cab, which is not as good as more expensive Marshall cabs, but should do the Job if you want to keep things cheap – this setup would cost just a bit more than a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, for instance! The Blues Junior is a fantastic little amp, especially when you select the “fat” mode – nice crunchy tube tone…into a cab, it usually sounds amazing.

So do that, and get some of the usual Noel Gallagher pedals…starting with the TS-9 Tubescreamer, of course, and use a semi-acoustic guitar. Way to go.

And, finally, here’s a few more pictures of Oasis and Noel Gallagher’s gear so you can have a nose and se if you can find out anything else!

Click on thumbnails:





We decided to leave them for the end. As a typical singer-songwriter, Noel is never far apart from a good acoustic guitar. His favourite is and will always be an Epiphone EJ-200 or, as of late, the Gibson J-200, both sunburst…as you can see in several photos.

List of acoustic Guitars:

  • Gibson J-45 Acoustic
  • Gibson L-200 Acoustic
  • Epiphone Custom EJ-200 Acoustic
  • Epiphone Frontier Acoustic

Apart from Gibson and Epiphone, the only other brand Noel has used quite a bit has been Takamine, who make some really nice guitars…View Takamine

  • Takamine EF-325SRC Acoustic
  • Takamine FD -460SC Acoustic
  • Takamine EG 335 12-string Acoustic

Also used a Guild 12-String, as shown on “Sad Song” live at Jools Holland (“Definitely Maybe” DVD)


A “Guitar Player Blog” reader, Lloyd, got in touch with us, with some first hand info we’d like to share with you. A friend managed to get some really good pics of Noel’s and Gem’s pedalbaords. And here’s what could be seen. Thank you for the info, Lloyd!




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  5. Excellent. There’s some info missed, tough. Noel used a Marshall Bluesbreaker, a Vox AC 50 and a Matchless Clubman (with a matchless cab, also) when the Be here now tour, as I’ve seen it here in Buenos Aires.

  6. Noel’s Gibson acoustic guitar is often mistaken for a Gibson J200. It’s not a J200, but rather a Gibson J200 JR. The JR does not have binding around the fretboard or headstock. It also has a smaller bout (16″ instead of 18″). Noel plays this acoustic often. You’ll notice it by the small “Adidas” decal above the fretboard, on the body. I have one, and I’ll send pictures if you guys want.

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  11. He definitely uses El Dorado straps… bloody expensive as for the strap, but hand made 🙂

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    • The 95 acoustic vids for MTV (Not Unplugged)- hosted by Davina McCall (available on youtube) shows Mr Gallagher clearly playing an EJ 200 Epiphone.

      Bonehead uses it later for other acoustic spots. Great guitar, were not all minted and neither were they back then.

  19. Dear Abuelo GB, Noel used an Epiphone EJ200 for many years, since the Definitely Maybe era until the noughties, when he fianlly swapped it for the Gibson models.

    We did say he uses a “Fender Blues Junior”, that he had a Vox AC-30 etc etc.

    It’s quite hard to be 100% accurate on those matters. Noel is knwon for having used teh Vox Wah ono occasions.

  20. Hey Abuelo GB, you’re completely mistaken on Noel’s use of an EJ-200. He’s actually holding an EJ-200 on the front cover of the “Definitely Maybe” album! You can tell by the cheap “moustache bridge” and the cheap pickguard. J200s don’t look like that. And Noel has never played a J-150.

  21. Due to the lack of a definitive interview with either Noel or Jason Rhodes I would say this guide is superb!!! One thing though-his red semi-acoustic with Bigsby that he uses most often now seems to be a hybrid of an ES335 Limited and ES345. it has the Limitd headstock & inlays, but has the 6 point selector of an ES345. Also the jack input is on the front of the guitar, which is unusual for an ES345 as it had a stereo jack with two inputs on the side of the guitar. I think that Noel has bought a one-off custom spec vintage Gibson from the 60’s or 70’s. (He has mentioned his preference to vintage guitars over new ones in recent interviews)

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  33. noel definitely did use a marshall bluesbreaker. at the ’95 earls court gig he is using one along with the wem dominator and a marshall stack. johnny marr also said in an interview i saw on youtube that he leant noel the gibson les paul standard sunburst because noel was skint and needed good gear. he also he said he then leant him the black les paul custom (1 with oasis sticker) after noel broke it onstage fighting someone off liam.

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    I wanted one and I contacted Gibson in 2002 and they said it was a one-off custom model built in Memphis for Noel at the Gibson factory there. Cool huh? So that dates it at 1995.

  38. Didnt know wether anyone was aware….but I read somewhere years ago that the black gisbon les paul custom mentioned near the top of the article was given to Noel by Johnny Marr and that it was once owned by Pete Townsend. Noel apparetnly wrote Slide Away on it.

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    directly from the Hi-Watt UK site (
    “Earlier this year Hiwatt were delighted to hear that Noel was using a vintage Hiwatt Combo as part of his studio setup. After a few conversations we offered to re-make the original Hiwatt combo for Mr Gallagher. Noel can now been seen using the Hiwatt Combos on tour (see pic). The combo is a 2×12 Vertical Custom 100 Amplifier which is quite a rarity to see these days. We would like to wish Oasis the very best on their tour this year.”

    Noel now uses three custom combos in a bass cabinet housing, with a Fender Blues Junior on the top.

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    Noel deffinatly has the Blues Junior, and Hiwatt cabs (not sure which exactly) BUT To me, he seems to have a head on top of each of the cabs, any ideas anyone?

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    Looks like at least 1 combo amp, and a few heads and cabs.

    Andy sticking to his Marshall bass cabs and heads.

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  45. Yeah, the ej200 can also be seen at Maine Road – cast no shadow, the masterplan etc. The union jack can’t have been a 60s model – it would be worth a fortune and no one in their right mind would have it painted! I reckon it could have been custom made like his sunburst one?

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  51. Does anybody know the pedal Gem is using on Masterplan solos live? I thought it might be the DL4 reverse delay but it seems that he has his foot on some kind of wah like pedal that does the reverse delay sound.

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  52. Dobbins – are you colour blind? That is THE riviera noel played all through 95-96! You can tell as it has the small sticker on the pickguard underneath the neck pickup.
    Granted, it has a hint of red, but really is just a light brown. This is a vintage riviera, so its made in the kalamazoo factory.

    shakrmkr – your right, it is the reverse on the DL4. The wah pedal you are talking about is actually the expression pedal for the DL4 that he is using.

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    Oasis – D’ You Know What I Mean – (Live) at you tube with the DREAM WEEKEND OASIS on the uper right corner in the solo you can check it somewhat clear.. BY THE WAY A BIG THANKS TO ALL

  54. oooo and the riviera he used in dont look back in anger apart that its wintage wine red it was made in japan 79-83

  55. Marshall cabinets used on previosly tour were 1960 bx 100W equipped with greenbacks. The left one was used with blues junior, the right used with the vox ac-50. The other fender amp is a bassman. In the pedalboard there is not the LS-2 but the TU-2 boss chromatic tuner, a purple one near the tu-2 is a maxon ad80, sib echodrive, boss pn-2 (tremolo-pan), boss rv-3. He has also the zvex lofi loop used a the end of lyla, my generation, probably is the pedal between the wah and analogman. In some pictures I noticed the pedalbord can switch between A/B channel, select the vox amp, blues junior and the bassman.

  56. I know he uses El dorado straps now, but what kind of strap is this on the florentine les paul, and jaguar…circa 1997?

    this one:


  57. great site buddy keep up the good work love it

  58. check this out im about to buy

  59. in 1997 he only used
    CryBaby chrome wah
    Boss LS2
    Boss CS3
    Boss DD3- or -5??

    in the Air studio, just check the video on youtube

  60. please talk more about his amps
    Matchless, Vox

  61. In the set of 2007 pics, for the pedals that look like Midi controls, I think the board on the left is a TC Electronics model of some kind. I can’t seem to find it online though.

  62. does anyone know what strings noel uses on his acoustics ? please

  63. what pedals use for boost in the solos??????

  64. Paul weller played town called malice and precious on top of the pops with the ricky he gave to noel, not beat surrender

  65. Anyone rich and in an Oasis tribute band?

  66. what about his humminggbird?

  67. his epiphone sheraton that he used at knebworth and in the mid to late ninetees was not a 60’s sheraton at all it was made in 1995-96 which he said in an interview about his guitar colection

    • Yeah, I’ve seen that interview. He describes the moment that Weller gave him the Rickenbacker and then you hope he’s gonna go through all his other guitars. He doesn’t!

  68. He used a Vox Supreme over the BHN tour.

  69. What about the ’57 black Gibson Les Paul Custom w/P90 used in Hey Hey My My in Wembley 2002 and another one used also in Gas Panic at Jools Holland?

  70. I am a big fan of Oasis and I started listening to them since they started out.

  71. i now he used a 1960 les paul wich he got from johnny marr but what kind of of les pauls does he use after 2000

  72. Les Pauls nowadays are all ’59 Reissue Les Paul Standards.

  73. The sunburst Les Paul with uncovered bridge pickup (white) is the 1960 Les Paul (refinished) he got from Johnny Marr. He still owns the guitar. He wrote slide away on the ‘Burst.

    Noel also owns a 1967 Epiphone Riviera with sunburst finish. Here’s a link (as long as it might exist:

    The Sunburst Les Pauls Noel has been using since about 2000 are Murphy Aged Gibson Custom Shop ’59 Historics (R9, or ’59 reissue).


  74. Oasis are so fantastic. I really love Noels british flag Epiphone guitar, its really sweet :]

  75. Hey guys. I’d apreciate if you’d listen to my track i recorded in my bedroom. I was on this website looking for tips on how to re-create the ‘oasis’ sound on guitar rig. This is a really interesting post.
    Please listen to the track and leave a comment if you like it. Much appreciated.

  76. Just realised that Noel played his Bigsby equipped 83 Epiphone Riviera on Live Forever on TOTP, as well as in the Shakermaker video. This is the one that features on the DM cover. I believe it later got nicked and then he got the wine red one. I came across a photo of the bloke who now owns this, I’m surprised Noel wanted to part with it.

    Secondly, I now believe that the Union Jack Sheraton was a new guitar, not an 80s Japanese built one. Epiphone made a 1996 US made Sheraton that is identical to Noel’s and came in a horrible natural finish. This would make more sense than painting a vintage instrument. Interestingly, the inlays past the 12th fret appear to have been added by Noel at a later date. Compare Don’t Look Back in Anger on TOTP and Maine Road. You’ll see.

    Everyone says this was a present from Meg Matthews but can anyone prove this? Some bloke on youtube apparently contacted the luthier who painted it, so it wasn’t a factory job.

    Thirdly, on Roll With It on TOTP Liam is ‘playing’ Noel’s sunburst Sheraton. I’m sure that Noel had this custom built, but again the inlays were changed later on. Why did Noel not use this again until the Be Here Now days? He would appear to have had this before the (identical) Union Jack Sheraton.

    Any thoughts anyone?

  77. Noel also used a gold Gibson Les Paul Signature

  78. In wonderwall’s video he used ANTORIA J200 NAT.

  79. I’m sure I read somewhere that he’d bought a newish SG a la George Harrison, though I’ve never seen any pics.

  80. Hi,

    When you talk about the Noel’s EPIPHONE SHERATON, there is an error.
    This guitar isn’t a vintage guitar of the 60s.
    It’s an EPIPHONE SHERATON NASHVILLE USA COLLECTION, manufactured by Gibson in 1993 or 1994. I’m sure of that, because I just bought me this guitar, and it’s exactly the same guitar, and there is no mistake.
    For example, just look at the F holes of the Noel’s SHERATON, there’s a binding, and vintage SHERATON of the 60s have no binding, but the SHERATON NASHVILLE USA COLLECTION have a binding in the F Holes (like the asians models…).


  81. Noel’s union jack Sheraton was a 1996 USA model. So brand new. Look how shiny the hardware was at Maine Road. These are rare guitars, not many were made.

    Also, to add to the list of Noel’s other Epiphones, he also had what I think was a 70s red EA 250, as seen on the Supersonic single cover.

  82. Noel’s had so many guitars pass through his hands that it’s impossible to produce a definitive list. Who would have thought that he’d owned one of these:

  83. Just to add to the Riviera debate earlier. Daniel above was mostly right. This particular model, with the full size humbuckers and stop tailpiece, was only made for one year in 1983 at the Matsumoko factory in Japan. They only came in either Wine Red (Noel’s) and Brown Sunburst (Bonehead’s). Pickups are Matsumoko and stamped MMK 75 but were in fact made by Maxon. All other hardware made by Gotoh i think. I have the Wine Red guitar myself (it says Riviera/WR) on the label inside, but it can look a dark purple to black in some lights.

  84. Yup, Noel also had a brown sunburst Matsumoku Riviera, as seen in the Shakermaker video. I think this got nicked and he replaced it with the wine red one.

  85. I have a Epiphone bass from 1964,owned and played by Noel.He used it on that album Guigsy and Bonehead quit.When they left he re-recorded the parts they appeared.

  86. SaberPacific LLC is a retailer of premium musical instrument accessories. Mission Providing premium musical instrument accessories at affordable prices.

  87. What guitar is in the Wonderwall video? Looks like a J200 knock off but I can’t tell the maker?

  88. The early gigs(100 Club) he was using a DS1 to bossy leads then straight into the space echo.. Then into the Valvestate Marshall as a slave then into the Dominator… Massive sound….

  89. […] […]

  90. “Ampwise, Noel had a quite interesting setup: A Roland Space Echo RE-201 into a some small Marshall Combo”, and this small Marshall Combo was a Valvestate 8080!

  91. The Sheratons at Maine road and Knebworth are not original 60s Sheratons they are both 1993 Epiphone Sheratons part of the Nashville series.

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