Joy Division Gear Guide

Well, since ace new film “Control” is almost upon us, let’s talk about Joy Division. Hopefully the film will introduce teh band to a new generation, and if more people want to play Joy Division it can only be a good thing!

Ian Curtis (copyright: Martin O'Neill)

 Here’s a quick gear guide to the band, with a list of guitars, amps and FX pedals used by the band. It’s compiled from this website

Joy Division Guitars.
1. Gibson (copy?) – as used by Warsaw (1977)
2. Gibson SG Standard (customized, “without Vibrola”)
3. Shergold Custom Masquerader
4. VOX Phantom VI Special(?) This is a variation on the famous VOX Phantom model
5. VOX “teardrop” model – correct name VOX Mark VI (unconfirmed)
+ guitar effects: Boss BF-2(?) flanger
+ amplifiers: Marshall / VOX

Joy Division Basses.
1. Gibson EBO copy (Hook’s first bass, bought at Mazel’s Music Shop in Manchester in 1976).
2. Hondo 4-string bass (Rickenbacker copy) – possibly damaged during a gig at The Factory
3. Yamaha BB1200 (4-string)
4. Shergold Marathon (6-string)
5. Shergold Modulator (unconfirmed)
+ effects: chorus/vibrato pedal Electro-Harmonix Clone Theory
+ amplifiers: HiWatt: Custom HiWatt 100 model, with 18″ VOX speaker cabinet. But looking at the pic below, we can see a Marshall Head next to Hooky…

Joy Division (copyright: Martin O'Neill)

One of the trademark sounds of Joy Division is definitely Peter Hook bass, often played thru a chorus pedal, the Clone Theory, reissued by Electro-Harmonix in a new housing. View Pedal

I never used one, but when i plugged my bass to a Electro-Harmonix Polychorus, it totally sounded like hooky! So the main Joy Division sound tip is definitely: use a chorus pedal on your bass, if possible a vintage-sounding Electro-Harmonix!


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One Response to “Joy Division Gear Guide”

  1. sorry to ask but i need to find this instrument.
    Have any of you guys played a Pacello Bass before? I saw one when I was in South America it looked and sounded amazingl it was an 8 string and it had a low F# on it. That is all I could find out. I wish I had the time to ask. I just saw the headstock and figured that I would see it in the states. So far, no… Does anyone know anything about this instrument?

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