Line 6 Spider Amps – Prices Slashed, Thrashed and Cut!

spider price slash 09

Spider® II amps are designed from the ground up to drown out the voices inside your head.

Spider II’s are packed with essential guitar tones that go from Clean to Insane, and have built-in effects that calm even the most severe psychotic episode.

No matter what size Spider II you desire, you’ll always have enough custom tones and F.X. to add to your sonic arsenal

Spider is the amps the artist use. Now at our Best ever prices!

Lacuna Coil
Cristiano Migliore
James Hetfield
Matt Rubano
Taking Back Sunday


The Spider III 15 delivers Line 6 modeling technology in an easy-to-use format at a very easy price. With 15W of power, a Celestion 8″ guitar speaker, 4 amp models, a full effects package with Smart FX control, the Spider III 15 is versatile enough to come up with any tone in the book. The amp models have been completely rebuilt and they sound killer.

Watch Exclusive Spider III 15 demo in our Lick Library Channel!

Watch the Dolphin Channel now!


  • 15W power
  • 8″ Celestion speaker
  • 4 Amp models: clean, crunch, metal, and insane
  • CD/MP3 in jack
  • Headphone jack
  • Tone controls
  • Foot control jack
  • Recording quality line out
  • Tap button lets you set delay time, access tuner, boost distortion, and activate noise gate
  • Easy, one-knob guitar effects control

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click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge
Instantly access hundreds of killer sounds designed by the world’s most notorious rock stars.

Get your hands on the latest generation of Line 6 modeling technology for the most detailed guitar amp and effect models ever created.

If you crave the sounds you hear on stage or on your favorite albums, Spider® III is here to deliver.


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