Shred Day at Liverpool: Video

We simply can’t get enough shredding here at Dolphin, at the moment! So, we decided to  organize two shredding events this month, to take place at our Huddersfield and Liverpool shops!

The first event happened earlier this month in Huddersfield and second was in our Liverpool shop last Saturday.

It was great to see so many turn up and pit against each other in shred war! Thanks to all those brave shred warriors who engaged

Watch the results here:

Huddersfield footage to come..

Randy Rhoads is one of the most influential Heavy Metal guitarists ever, as well as an accomplished shredder.  Now, you have the chance to win a brand new Jackson Randy Rhoads signature guitar! All you need to do is…shred!

And to further celebrate the art of shredding, we’re also hosting Guitar Shredding events at our Dolphin Music shops in Liverpool (date TBC) and Huddersfield (4th April). Come, show off your skills and enter to win prizes! Event will be filmed and best shredders will also be automatically entered to the Randy Rhoads You Tube competition.

Watch Video:

The Rules:

1) Make a video of yourself playing some mean guitar shredding. Videos can’t be longer than 60 seconds.

2) Post it on You Tube and send us the link (to enter, must include You Tube URL, full name and address)

3) We’ll add the best videos to the Shred Competion playlist on our You Tube page

4) Our panel of guitar shredding experts will choose the winner, to be revealed on issue #4 of our Music Planet magazine. Amongst the judges, one of the world’s finest guitar shredders – Chris Impellitteri, officially voted 2nd fastest guitarist in the world by “Guitar One” magazine and one of the top 50 fastest guitarists of all time according to “Guitar World” magazine.

5) The winner gets a tasty Jackson Randy Rhoads signature guitar delivered to their door – free of charge!


Randy Rhoads Guitar Comp!


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