Cornell: Soundgarden Reunion “Absolutely Could Happen”


Still trailing in the wake of the Soundgarden’s recent near-reformation, Chris Cornell has been making more cryptic comments about a possible Soundgarden reunion.

When quizzed on the possibility of a reunion in a recent podcast, the Seattle native said he was “never going to count anything out.”

“There was never any bad blood between us” added Cornell. “I’ve always remained on great terms with everyone in the band. We’ve always been good friends. Seeing them reunite recently on YouTube? I thought that was terrific. It gave me a warm feeling. I wish I could have been there.”

Later in the interview, Cornell was again forced to defend his latest, Timberland produced LP, Scream, defiantly admitting: “I didn’t make this record to please my fans. I made it to please myself

“I already did Rusty Cage, I already did Black Hole Sun – I don’t need to do them again.

“The second you start writing to please people, you may as well be a short-order cook. That’s not me.”

Cornell also found time to comment on the ‘Twitter war’ involving him and NIN’s Trent Reznor, saying: “I haven’t read what he really wrote, but I think it’s kind of good, because it gets people talking about my record.

“This album is a huge challenge for me…getting people to talk about it, even if it’s from negativity, that draws people to it.”

About the equipment they used in their heyday…..

“For the record,” Thayil savs, “Soundgarden really don’t care about their equipment. We just like it if it’s loud and it works, Jason [Everman, briefly rhythm guitarist with Nirvana before replacing Hiro Yamamoto in Soundgarden] uses basses that don’t cost too much. He broke a bass that cost him $1500 one time. He broke three or four basses on this last tour. I was in the middle of a solo at L.A.’s Whiskey when I noticed the sound was kind of thin for this part of the song. I turned around, and saw Jason jumping up and down on his bass because it wasn’t working any more. I thought, ‘How are we going to top that on the next song?'”

Thayil is a bit more careful with his gear. He favors a Guild S-1 and a Les Paul Custom Light, played through a 65-watt Music Man head and whatever speakers are available, preferably something resembling four 12-inch speaker cabinets.

Vocalist/rhythm player Chris Cornell uses a Les Paul Custom cherry sunburst, played through Mesa/Boogie amps.

Jason Everman plays whichever bass is working this week through a Gailien-Krueger amp and speaker cabinet.

Kim Thayil

Early years equipment

Guitars: Guild S-100
Amplifier: Bass Ampeg mesa boogie w/15″ speaker
Effects: Jim Dunlop Crybaby wah, MXR chorus


Guitars: Guild S-100, Gibson Les Paul Custom Lite, Gibson Firebird
Amplifiers: Peavey VTM-120, Music Man HD130, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Effects: To get the heavy sound in studio, many guitar tracks were layered and panned to add the body that was lacking from previous albums.


Guitars: Guild S-100, Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster, Gibson SG
Amplifiers: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers, Mesa Boogie 50-watt Mavericks, an old Fender Super, a Fender Princeton, Fender Twin Reverbs and Vibro-Kings, and an old Orange head.
Effects: Intellitronics LA-2 and Summit DIs. (To get him to play most comfortably, Thayil’s living room couch was brought into the studio, as per an article published in the May 1994 issue of Guitar World)

Down on the Upside

Guitars: Guild S-100, Diet Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster, Fender Jazzmaster, Gibson SG.
Amplifiers: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers
Effects: Jim Dunlop Crybaby wah, Colorsound wah, Jim Dunlop Rotovibe, Mu-Tron



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