Whitesnake’s Doug Aldrich introducing and playing the new Marshall Haze tube amp

Whitesnake’s Doug Aldrich introducing and playing the new Marshall Haze tube amp in Musikmesse 2009.


The Haze 15W head is the ultimate in Marshall portable valve tone. On its own you can take it anywhere, safe in the knowledge that you will never have to settle for someone else’s equipment.

Combined with one or two Haze 1×12” cabinets loaded with Marshall / Celestion G12-66 Marquee speakers it is possible to also have your very own mid sized stack or half stack combination with the power to really push out all 15W of valve power.

The ultimate aspiration for most guitarists is a full Marshall stack, brimming with power, iconic looks and most of all exemplary tone. In reality many people do not need the volume that a full valve stack produces let alone have the room in their home to store one. The Haze 15W amplifier head provides the perfect solution. A compact, 15W all valve amplifier with effects and reverb that not only looks like a Marshall head but plays like one too.

If your dream is own a stack that will fit into you lounge or spare room combining the 15w head with Haze 1×12” cabinets you can create your own classic looking mid sized stack. As with the other amplifier and the speaker cabinets in the haze range the 15W head is finished to the highest spec and is covered in a vintage style vinyl and fitted with protective corners.

Check the Marshall Haze 15 head product page for more details



~ by itsstecole on April 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Whitesnake’s Doug Aldrich introducing and playing the new Marshall Haze tube amp”

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  2. A great sounding amp… great tone!

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