Musikmesse Frankfurt: Satriani stops show with Vox


Guitarist talks frankly to trade and press regarding his Vox collaboration

Midday at the Musikmesse today (April 3rd) saw the Vox stand in Hall 4.0 bring pretty much all traffic in that area of the hall as Joe Satriani took any questions regarding his work with the amp (and now stomp box) manufacturer.

Satriani, ably assisted by Korg UK’s Allan Scally, admitted to feeling a little uncomfortable having to stand on stage without any sort of prop other than a microphone, but he spoke clearly and enthusiastically about his three pedals, the Satchurator distortion unit, the Time Machine delay unit and the Big Bad Wah pedal.

Satriano spoke of how there came a time when he simply did not want to put up with making compromises with his equipment simply because certain components had ceased to be used or because a product was no longer available.

“I just said to myself that I’m not going to put up with it any more,” he said. “I wouldn’t call myself a demanding guitarist, but I do know what I want and, all credit to Vox, they have been with me the whole way, taking my ideas on board and adding some of their own. The result is a collection of effects that do exactly what I want.”


~ by itsstecole on April 3, 2009.

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