John Squire Reject Roses Reunion. Claims are unfounded, he says

John Squire

John Squire, one time guitarist with legendary British act The Stone Roses has rejected claims that the group are to reform.

Since The Stone Roses split in 1996, John Squire has enjoyed a variable career. An album with The Seahorses followed, with rumours that the band’s name was an anagram of ‘I hate Roses’.

Since then John Squire has only released one, badly received, solo album before focussing on his art. Squire designed the sleeves to every Stone Roses release, and has a long and notable love of art – at one point working on the design to sweet firm mascot Bertie Bassett.

Recent rumours that The Stone Roses are to reform have already been rejected by singer Ian Brown. In an interview with the NME John Squire’s spokesperson confirmed the guitarist had no plans of touring with the group.

In January Squire gave an interview to the magazine claiming he was now focussing on his art career. “I’ve got a big show in Oldham and one in Austria and one at the end of the year in Tokyo,” he said.

“The Oldham show is in a major public gallery so it’s a lot of work. It’s the biggest show I’ve done.”

Of the other members of the band, Mani is now in Primal Scream and drummer Reni is working on a new group in Manchester.

Dolphin Artists: John Squire


John Squire (born John Thomas Squire on November 24, 1962) is an English musician, guitarist and artist. He was a founding member of The Stone Roses and The Seahorses. From 1984 to 1996 he was the guitarist for The Stone Roses, one of the most influential acts of its era. He grew up on Sylvan Avenue in Timperley and after attending Heyes lane Junior School, he passed the 11+ exam and went on to attend Altrincham Grammar School for Boys where he met Ian Brown – who co-incidentally also lived on Sylvan Avenue but… more


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