The Marmaduke Duke and Hayden go on tour

Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro and JP Reid of Sucioperro have be taking to the road this February as The Marmaduke Duke and they will be coming to a town near you!

Lodestone & Hayden on tour!

JP took delivery of his new Hayden Classic Lead 80 and 412 cab and Lodestone Electric Artist Guitar and couldn’t wait to get them out on the road.

The band who are a side project for both Jp whose band Sucioperro have been busy along with Simons band Biffy Clyro who have also had a mental year and are set for another one in 09! So if you haven’t heard it already go and check out ‘Kid Gloves’ (out on 02/03/09!! video already on iTunes) . and

The Duke are rocking Hayden Guitar Amps, Ashdown Bass Amps and Lodestone Guitars.


~ by dolphinblog on March 11, 2009.

One Response to “The Marmaduke Duke and Hayden go on tour”

  1. Why is that man wearing underpants on his head?

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