Randall Kirk Hammet Signature Amps

Randall makes some incredible guitar amps, and the new Kirk Hammet signature models are amongst the best of them. Even better – from Half-stacks to practice amps, there’s something for every budget…

Kirk Hammet Signature amps, now in stock...

Randall Amplifiers is proud to introduce the first line of guitar amps and cabinets to bear the name of legendary metal guitarist Kirk Hammett. Designed & developed with one of the world¹s most influential guitar players, the new MTS KH series was created to produce each all tube tone of Kirk¹s illustrious career.

Known for using multiple amps to create his signature sound, Randall developed the RM100KH with Kirk to encompass his signature clean (KH1), rhythm, (KH2) and hi-gain (KH3) lead tones. The new KH cabinets are engineered and constructed to handle classic full-range hi-gain tones (RS412KHX) as well as deep low-end for extreme drop tunings.(RS412KH100).

But let’s not ignore the “baby” of this series, the Randall KH15 Kirk Hammett Practice Amp. It may be small, but sures packs a good punch. Kirk made it very clear from the start that he wanted to develop a full line of amplifiers that would provide fans his signature tone at any price point.

The KH15 is equipped with a Clean, Overdrive and Boost mode and is the perfect practice amp for both the professional and beginning guitarist. And, at £89, it’s an offer not to be ignored…view the KH15 here.

Want more?

Check the Metallica artist page for all Kirk Hammet gear currently available from Dolphin Music.

Check other Randall products at Dolphin


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