Kings Of Rock’n’Roll: The Kings Of Leon Gear Guide

The triumph of Kings Of Leon at the Brit Awards 2009 confirms them as one of the biggest and most popular rock bands today. So let’s have a look at their gear!

Kings Of leon

Last night (February 18th) the Kings Of Leon won two Brit Awards: Best International Album and Best International Group. With their album “Only By The Nighth” proving to be one of the most successful ever rock abums in the UK, and with KoL due to embark on their first ever arena tour in the US, it seems Kings Of Leon are without any doubt one of the biggest guitar bands today, so no wonder many people look for info about which gear they use!

Caleb Followill’s gear couldn’t be simpler or more direct, like their music most of the time: an old Gibson ES-325 into a Vox AC-15 amp. Most recently he moved to a Matchless DC-30 amp live, because it has similar tone and is louder than the AC-15, which is still used for recordings.

Matthew Followill uses an Epiphone Sheraton into an Ampeg Reverbrocket. Uses a Gibson Les Paul Custom ’71 and a Gibson ES-175  as well. He uses lots of fx pedals these day, partially inspired by The Edge, after they toured with U2:

Dunlop Crybaby
Visual Sound Route 66
MXR micro amp
Digitech Whammy
Line 6 DL4
Line 6 Verbzilla
(Probably the most important pedal for getting his sound, he mainly uses the Octo setting maxed out, its all over Because Of The Times and Only By The Night)

Jared Followill, the bassist, also has a pretty cool setup, which includes a Gibson Thunderbird bass, an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff and a Boss TR-2 Tremolo ( on songs such as “Black Thumbnail”) and an Ampeg SVT bass head. Looking ahead, Followill is determined to make his abilities and creative vision meet more readily. “Despite what some people say, playing bass is hard. You have to put a lot into it to do it right. I’ll play until I have a blister the size of Mount Everest—whatever’s needed to make it sound good. I want to be good enough so that I can play whatever I hear in my head. I can’t always do that, but that’s what I’m aiming for.”

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