NME Chooses The World’s Wackiest Guitars

The music weekly NME published, on their website, a selection of the world’s most ridiculous guitars!

Prince and his Symbol GuitarBatio and his outrageous double edged guitars

Those wonderful great guitarists and their wacky guitars

Here’s some of the most bizarre:

Looks like a lady

Custom made for metal band Danzig. They know how to charm the ladies, do they.

Machine Gun guitar

Guns and guitars are as American as apple pie, so no wonder someone had this briliant idea. Includes real laser sight.

Fluffy Guitars

We all heard of poodle rockers, but this is ridiculous!

Sword Guitar

This Angel Sword guitar was a Blog sensation in 2007. Easy to see why…

The Pikasso

The ‘Pikasso’, a truly cubist guitar, was playe dby jazz legend Pat Metheny.

Harp guitar

Half Harp, half-guitar, 100% odd. But Jimmy Page owns one…

Jack Daniels guitar

One of Van Halen’s most ridiculous excesses…

To view the full NME list click here.


~ by dolphinblog on January 19, 2009.

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