NAMM 2009: Fender Attracts The Crowds. As Usual…

Fender, as usual, uses NAMM to promote their most important releases, and this year it has not been any different. Fender is pulling the crowds at NAMM 2009 with cool guitars, gigs and hot babes!  Check this photo diary!

Fender rox

Fender: rocking with the kids, at NAMM 2009

Here’s a look at what Fender has been doing at NAMM 2009  so far:

Fender bass amps at NAMM 2009

Promoting with their range of Bass Amps – it’s not all about guitars, you know!

Squier Classic Vibe at NAMM 2009

Sending some good Squier Classic Vibes to the public.

Fender FX pedals at NAMM 2009

Demonstrating their cool range of vintage-style FX pedals….nice stuff.

Fender amps at NAMM 2009

Piling up their huge family of awesome guitar amps

Fender Acoustic Guitars at NAMM 2009

Displaying a very nice choice of great acoustic guitars

And, most importantly, Fender has been attracting a lot of attenting for their new ‘Road Worn’ series! For more info, read this article about the Fender Road Worn Series.

Fender Road Worn at NAMM 2009

Fender Road Worn at NAMM 2009, babe magnet!

attracting the crowds!

Fender at NAMM 2009

For more pics and info, visit the Official Fender blog

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