NAMM 2009: TC Electronics Releases the new RebelHead 450 Bass Amp.

Which seems to be a truly fine-looking, modern and stylish bass head. Check it out!

Rebelhead 450

The new TC Electronics RebelHead 450 bass amp…nice!

Yeah, looks good. What about the features? Read what TC Electronics have to say…

Bassists, it’s time to punch through the mix! RebelHead450 is here to give bassists a voice. From the moment you experience its sounds, the raw power, and its many amazing features you realize that the bass team at TC Electronic has delivered what you as a bass player have always wanted: an amp system without compromise.

With decades of cutting edge amp design and signal processing development, no other company could bring you this much power, flexibility and tone within a bass amp system.

At TC Electronic, bass gear is developed for bass players by bass players. We have accumulated years and years of live and recording experience – hard-earned experience we’ve harvested out there on the road and in studios. After countless hours of playing, tweaking, listening – well, living bass, we truly understand your needs and desires when it comes to gigs, rehearsals and studio work. We’re proud to bring you RebelHead450 – the bass innovation that will define Bass Amp 2.0.

For videos and more details click here.


~ by dolphinblog on January 15, 2009.

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