Guitar Hero III rakes in $1bn


Sales of real guitars escalate as two thirds of non-musicians exposed to music games plan to learn an instrument

Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith has claimed that 2007’s Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock has now surpassed a sales value of $1bn – a milestone the exec claims has never before been achieved by a single title.

Furthermore, Griffith pointed out that sales of real guitars have also climbed, with data from Guitar Centre showing that sales of electric guitars and amplifiers climbed 27 per cent in 2007. In addition, he added that research has suggested that two thirds of non-musicians exposed to music games intend to take up playing a real instrument, while three fourths of musicians are inspired to spend longer with their instruments after playing music games.

Edge Online reports that the series as a whole, which debuted in 2005, reached the cumulative sales goal around a year ago. Guitar Hero DLC downloads on Xbox Live and PSN have now reached 21m, whilst uploads of user-created tracks on Guitar Hero: World Tour now number 141,000.

Griffith also revealed that artists who have appeared on the Guitar Hero series have seen downloads for their music climb between 15 and 843 per cent. The Aerosmith edition of Guitar Hero lead to sales of the US rocker’s most recent album triple in the first week of the game’s release.


~ by itsstecole on January 14, 2009.

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