The Guardian calls for guitar redesign!


Furthering our articls on the Guitar Hero debate national newspaper The Guardian says Guitar Hero proves instruments need buttons, not strings!

A piece in The Guardian today (January 8th) claims that the success of video games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band should inspire guitar designers to radically redesign the instrument to make it exponentially easier to play.

The argument is that ‘button-based’ instruments would remove barriers to entry such as having to learn about music, the need to practice, elements of skill and technique etc, thereby allowing pretty much anyone to pick up an axe, bash some primary coloured chunks of plastic and storm the charts.

Written by ex NME-stalwart and scary lefty Steven Wells, the piece also lays into ‘real’ guitarists such as Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, not just for being in Nickelback, but for their prissy attacks on these pesky video games: “They [Kroeger and other grizzlers] want to keep rock stardom like a sort of medieval guild, where entrance is only granted to those willing to suffer the tedium, frustration and savagely blistered fingers of an arduous apprenticeship.”

Wells goes on to rant/argue: “The onus is now on the manufacturers of ‘real’ guitars to make them easier (in other words, more like the ones in Guitar Hero). Why are they still making guitars with real strings that are difficult and boring to learn and really make your fingers hurt? What is the point? Do we still slaughter our own cows? Dig our own wells? Work in the turnip fields for 18 hours a day? No. Buttons have proven themselves to be much easier and more efficient. Plus, with the button guitar, you can still use the instrument for its main purpose – pretending that it’s a penis or a machine gun.

“God only knows how many beautiful, creative geniuses have given up on rock n roll simply because they couldn’t be arsed learning to play a ridiculously archaic instrument that hasn’t had a major redesign since the middle ages. We demand piece-of-p%XX to play button guitars now.”
Where do you stand on this argument??

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~ by itsstecole on January 9, 2009.

One Response to “The Guardian calls for guitar redesign!”

  1. What a twat, even if he is being sarcastic it is just a ridiculous waste of space. I wonder what he would think about a website that just writes content for you to save having to tediously think about it and then type, how boring!

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