Hayden Launch New Range and New Website!

Here’s a top tip for 2009: Hayden amps. Their UK made (in Essex), handwired new amps are set to turn Hayden into a name as popular as its sister company, Ashdown. If you’re looking for great valve amps, try a Hayden – you’ll love the tone!

A great guitar amp can never be all things to all players. And today, Hayden has launched its new website, http://www.haydenamps.com , to mark the launch of an incredible new range of amps that are simple, stylish and classic.
Like the truly classic guitar amps in history, each model in the Hayden range sets out to do a job and do it properly. From the moment you plug in, a Hayden makes its presence felt with a strong and unmistakable core tone that remains in tact no matter how hard the amplifier is driven. No endless tweaking of controls – your new Hayden’s going to sound great straight out of the box.

Drawing on the classic valve amp designs of the past, Hayden adds just the features a modern guitarist needs like valve switching, pick-up matching and the greater reliability that comes through refined circuit design, and leaves out the superfluous gimicks that often stand in the way of great tone.


And through the careful combination of custom-wound transformers, defence-standard components and elegant signal topology, Hayden delivers a performance experience in which the player feels unusually ‘connected’ to the sound, and the volume control on the guitar is all that’s needed to move from clean through to crunch and overdriven sounds.

Hayden ValvesHandwired, British-made valve amps…could you ask for more?

Hayden amps are hand-wired in England by specialists with years of experience in defence-standard work. Uncompromising specifications include non-ferrous stainless steel chassis construction, hand-machined gold turret tags, ceramic valve bases, engraved front panels and marine quality birch ply cabinets. Yet despite a decidedly boutique approach, Hayden amps are priced within range of the working guitarist.

Affordable Range

HaydenHayden…a new classic is born!

Hayden hand-wired amplifiers combine elegant design with the finest components and meticulous attention to detail to create guitar amplifiers of exquisite tone and quality.

But if you’re not ready for the ultimate in boutique guitar amplification, the Hayden Peacemakers draw on the designs of our UK-built, hand-wired amps to deliver Class A valve amp tone at refreshingly affordable prices.

Whichever model you choose, you’re sure to love the Hayden tone!

View Hayden Amps at Dolphin for more info




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