Customer Spotlight:The Ragamuffins


The Ragamuffins are a four-piece indie/pop group based in the North West renowned for their emphasis on harmonies, clear arrangements and catchy melodies. Their jangly, frenetic pop style and groove takes in elements of Northern Soul, Ska, Rock n Roll, 80’s Electro Pop and the music of “The British Invasion” of the 1960’s.

This is wrapped up in a dark, witty but uplifting lyricism, owing much to profound pop and indie greats such as Elvis Costello, Morrissey, Lloyd Cole, Ian McCulloch, and Stuart Murdoch, and brought together to produce a unique feel and sound.

“Exactly what British indie pop needs right now; charm, originality, but most of all, damn fine song writing” – Preston University Press

The Ragamuffins say this :

‘I recently bought a Boss Delay pedal from the Liverpool [Dolphin] store (that’s the brand Boss as well as it being a fancy little bit of kit!). Had been after something similar for a while, but it has really made a difference to our sound.


Looking at getting a Fender Jaguar in the new year as well to give that authentic sixties twang to my sound!

We got a Microkorg a while back which has been invaluable live and in the studio with the preset sounds (for live) as well as the wee tweaks you can make in the studio.’



~ by itsstecole on December 23, 2008.

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