Gibson Guitars & Orange Amps: A Perfect Match!

If you own a Gibson and you’re looking for a new amp, here’s a tip: Orange amps and Gibson guitars are a match made in (tone) heaven!

Orange amps

There just seems to be a mysterious, special connection between the legendary American guitars and the legendary British amps: call it a ‘special relationship’…call it ‘mojo’…call it TONE! But the fact is, this combination has worked for over 40 years now!

Peter Green and his OrangePeter Green and his Orange

When Orange was still a brand new company, Gibson Les Paul player Peter Green became the first famous Orange endorsee, precisely at a time when the original line-up of Fleetwood Mac was having their first major hit, “Albatross”. And that was all it took for the world to discover the wonders of Orange amps. As Peter Green became the hottest British blues guitarist since Clapton, so Orange also became known as a brand to be as respected as giants such as Marshall, Fender and Vox.

Since then, the list of Gibson players who’ve used Orange amps is quite impressive: from legends such as B.B. King, Black Sabbath, T-Rex, Johnny Winter, Aerosmith, Jimmy Page and  Gary Moore to more recent bands such as Oasis, Supergrass, Manic Street Preachers and Wolfmother,

It just seems that Orange amps bring the best out of a Gibson guitar!

Orange Amps at Dolphin

Great news for you: Dolphin offers a wide selection of Orange amps, and we have many in stock, including the new Tiny Terror combo, which is proving to be a huge hit this year!

One of the best Orange deals at Dolphin, though, is the Orange Thunderverb 200 head:

Thunderverb 200

Using a revolutionary new technology, Orange’s engineers have created a world first. A 200 watt interactive amplifier designed specifically for guitar and bass guitar! The secret? It’s all in the design…

The Thunderverb 200 incorporates Extended Tone Range technology, (ETR). Its combination of ground breaking tube engineering and unique output transformers, (patent pending), enable the amplifier’s bass bandwidth to operate as low as 30Hz without distortion. This means that not only can the Thunderverb 200 deliver the most gut wrenchingly thick guitar tone you could ever imagine, it also sounds absolutely amazing when used for bass guitar.

Of course when it comes to drop tunings or 7 string guitars, other amplifiers will run home with their tails between their legs. The Orange Thunderverb 200 is the new standard for metal guitar amplifiers.

Find out more about the Orange Thunderverb 200 here!

~ by dolphinblog on December 16, 2008.

One Response to “Gibson Guitars & Orange Amps: A Perfect Match!”

  1. I’ve got an orange 4×12 and 2×12 and a Mesa head. Hopefully gonna get an Orange head soon (finally! not as in love with the dual rec as I used to be). But great choice, Orange is definitely the way to go.

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