Lodestone Guitars Arrive in Liverpool!

Dolphin Music now has a selection of Lodestone guitars and basses in stock so get in there and talk to Adam and the guys to try one for yourself – those guitars are awesome and quite unique, well worth checking out!

You can trust this man. The verdict – Lodestone rocks!


Lodestone is a brand new British guitar company dedicated to building a range of instruments that play beautifully, sound amazing and make a striking visual impact.

Introducing a number of groundbreaking developments and materials, Lodestone nonetheless remains respectful of the accepted laws of electric guitar and bass building to make an important evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, step forward in instrument design.

Some cool features include:

Laidback Headstock

To maximise comfort and create an ideal string path the LaidBack headstock departs from convention. Machine heads are angled back towards the natural position of the hand during tuning and friction at the nut is optimized.

Ceramic bridge saddles

Uniquely, bridge saddles are precision engineered from advanced ceramic material to enhance clarity, dynamics, harmonic content and sustain.


The Lodestone ELECTRIC PRO S features Seymour Duncan SSL-2 and SH-1B ’59 pickups for a warmer ‘vintage’ feel.


Lodestone Electrics are shipped in high quality, padded gig bags.

Come and visit the Dolphin Music Liverpool shop NOW! Stocks are very limited and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to at least try one of those fantastic guitars, do you?


~ by dolphinblog on November 6, 2008.

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