New Joe Satriani Project Coming Soon…

Anticipation is building for the latest project from guitar maestro Joe Satriani. As reported by, Satriani is in the studio this week recording with his recently formed “supergroup.”

Comprised of Sammy Hagar, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Satriani himself, the band ¯ dubbed Chickenfoot ¯ hopes to have an album ready for release early next year.

“We are truly over-the-top excited about this,” Satch told MusicRadar. “It’s a very energetic kind of rock music that reminds you of early Zeppelin.”

Satriani went on to say the “Chickenfoot” bandname is merely a temporary moniker. “We just had to call it something for the time being,” he said. “It’s definitely not going to be Chickenfoot. I guarantee it.”

He also addressed a minor controversy stirred up by reports that Hagar claimed the band “could rival Led Zeppelin.”

“I can’t imagine Sam saying anything like that,” Satriani told MusicRadar. “I think [the comment] was just twisted.”

It seems that, 20 years since his landmark album “Surfing With The Alien”, the Satchmeister is still itching to do new things!

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~ by dolphinblog on September 19, 2008.

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  1. check out news on the new supergroup cd with satch-

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