Glasvegas – ‘Band Of The Moment’ Storms The UK Charts

New Scottish indie sensation, Glasvegas, stormed the charts last Sunday. Their debut album charted at #2, sitting only behind Heavy Rock behemoths Metallica. Is noisy indie rock back?

Glasvegas have been gathering a strong and passionate following, but even the band themselves were surprised at the success of their self-titled debut album! “I’m going to the bookies to put money on Metallica,” the guitarist Rab Allan told BBC 6Music before he found out the chart result. “Either way I’m going to win. Either I get money for that or I go to Number One.”

Scottish noise from Glasvegas

The band have been championed by seemingly everyone in the past few months, from The Independent newspaper who gave five stars to their album, to NME, who dubbed them “band of the moment”. Legendary label owner Alan McGhee – who signed acts such as Oasis and Primal Scream – has also sang the praises of Glasvegas, comparing them to The Jesus & Mary Chain.

Glasvegas look and sound very eighties, but their dark, moody sound and black attire is more reminiscent of Creation bands such as the aforementioned Jesus And Mary Chain, rather than the day-glo eighties pop that seems to inspire so many other bands these days.

The Glasvegas sound:

Glasvegas make a big, Phil Spector-style ‘Wall Of Sound’, and their noisy guitars with lots of reverb are an essential part of it. Singer/ guitarist James Allan uses a Fender Jazzmaster and Fender Telecaster, Big Muff fuzz, Pro Co Rat Distortion , Boss Compressor and Vox Cab/ Fender head combination.

Guitarist Rob Allan plays mostly Burns guitars, and his pedalboard includes a Line 6 DL4 , Boss Overdrive, Boss Chorus and a  Behringer Delay pedal. Both guitarists also us ethe ever reliable Boss TU-2 tuner pedal…like most bands, it seems!

Bassist Paul Donoghue uses mainly a Rickenbaker 4003 bass, thru Ampeg amps, but he also uses a Zoom B2 Bass multi FX pedal.

Watch “Geraldine”, Live at Jools Holland:


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