Noel Gallagher Reveals His Top 10 Favourite Bands

Recently, Noel Gallagher revealed a list of his Top 10 Favourite Bands ever…surprise, surprise, The Beatles came on top!

This is Noel’s Top 10:

1.The Beatles
2.The Rolling Stones
3.The Who
4.Sex Pistols
5.The Kinks
6.The La’s
7.Pink Floyd
8.The Bee Gees
9.The Specials
10.(Peter Green’s) Fleetwood Mac

Read more on the original NME feature.

Interesting to see Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac there…an underrated band, eclipsed by the band’s later success. Peter Green was the subject of a recent article on our site!

But…what about you? What do you think of Noel Gallagher’s list, and who are your top 10 favourite bands?

HAVE YOUR SAY HERE! No solo artists, please…only bands!


~ by dolphinblog on September 4, 2008.

One Response to “Noel Gallagher Reveals His Top 10 Favourite Bands”

  1. Intresting to see no Stone roses

    my top 10 favourite bands are
    2.Stone roses
    5.Rolling stones
    6.Led zeppelin
    7.The doors
    8.The Who
    9.The verve
    10.Pink floyd

    I also like the kinks,cream but only 10 count

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