Win a Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH!

Ever fancied getting a Fender Jaguar with humbuckers? And best of all – for FREE? Well, new magazine Music Planet, brought to you by the good people at Dolphin Music, is offering a chance for one lucky guitarist to win this fantastic guitar! Read on to find out more about this competition…

Fender Jag


Strap on the new Fender Classic Player Jaguar and rediscover an overlooked masterpiece!

When Fender first introduced the Jaguar back in 1962 it took the world a bit by surprise. Gone was the brutal simplicity of the Telecaster or Strat, replaced instead by a more complicated beast that boasted some unusual features. For your chance to own one of these classic instruments (RRP £569) answer the following question.

Question: In which year was the Jaguar originally introduced?

Sounds easy enough? Well…visit the Fender Jaguar Competition Page now!!!

View Fender Jazzmasters & Jaguars at Dolphin!


~ by dolphinblog on September 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Win a Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH!”

  1. If you can’t win it, buy it. It really worth its price

  2. I’m so pissed they announced this guitar, a little bit after I bought the other Jaguar HH. The Black one. UGHH!!!

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