Liverpool Celebrates First Ever ‘Beatles Day’!

Liverpool celebrated the greatest ever pop band with the world’s first Beatles Day, which took place yesterday.


The event chose the July 10 date to mark the 44th anniversary of the Fab Four’s triumphant homecoming to Liverpool after they conquered America in 1964. Thousands of Beatle-style mop-top wigs and inflatable guitars were  on sale, while shops and businesses were encouraged to decorate their buildings with Beatles memorabilia.

The day, part of the Summer Pops, will end at the ECHO Arena with Imagine-The Concert hosted by Ricky Tomlinson where musicians from around the country will play their own versions of Beatle favourites. Read full Liverpool Echo article here


the Beatleator

the Beatleator

See what equipment you should get to sound like your favourite Beatle! This is a pretty cool Flash feature on the Dolphin website…VIEW THE BEATLEATOR HERE!


~ by dolphinblog on July 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Liverpool Celebrates First Ever ‘Beatles Day’!”

  1. I found a much more in depth guide to guitars used by the 3 guitar playing Beatles here:

    Very interesting stuff.

  2. We’ve seen it before and used for reference – it’s great! I also recommend the “Complete Beatles gear” book…it’s amazing.

    Our guides to “how to sound like the Beatles” were not meant to be a comprehensive guide to what they used…just a quick look and a few suggestions for people who’d like to get a similar gear.

    That Canteen website is an absolute must for beatles fans, great pics, too!

    One day we WILL have to write a big thing about all their guitars, amps etc…but that’d be a massive job…

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