Moog Announces Unique New Guitar

Moog has, for the first time in its history, announced the release of a unique new guitar…

The Moog Guitar puts revolutionary new technology in the hands of the guitarist. Moog Music is known for building the finest instruments and the Moog Guitar is first and foremost a very fine guitar; designed to be played by the best musicians as their primary axe. Its AAAAA maple top, swamp ash body and ebony finger board bespeak the quality that musicians have come to expect from a Moog instrument.

The addition of Moog Guitar Electronics opens guitarists to a whole new musical vocabulary: Not a guitar synthesizer, not a MIDI guitar or an effects processor; players are intimately connected to The Moog Guitar because it works its magic on the strings themselves.

Those guitars are very impressive and unique…and it’s price tage of £3999.99 will make sure only a lucky few will be able to get their hands on one…the guitar is on sale now.

What makes this guitar so special?

The Moog Guitar Electronics add an unparalleled range of expression to the Moog Guitar:

FULL SUSTAIN MODE – like no other sustainer; infinite sustain on every string, at every fret position and at any volume. You may have heard sustain before but not with this power (we call it “Vo Power”) and clarity.

CONTROLLED SUSTAIN MODE – allows you to play sustained single or polyphonic lines without muting technique. The Moog Guitar sustains the notes you are playing while actively muting the strings you are not playing.

MUTE MODE – removes energy from the strings, resulting in a variety of staccato articulations. The mute mode has never been heard on any other guitar; the Vo Power stops the strings with the same intensity that it sustains them. You feel the instrument transform in your hands.

HARMONIC BLENDS – use the included foot pedal to shift the positive energy of Vo Power in Sustain mode and the subtractive force of Vo Power in Mute mode between the bridge and neck pick-ups to pull both subtle and dramatic harmonics from the strings.

MOOG FILTER – control the frequency of the built-in, resonant Moog ladder filter using the foot pedal or a CV Input.

Moog Guitar Controls

There are five knobs:

  • Vo Power this is the amount of coherent power that is applied to the strings to either sustain or mute them.
  • Piezo Blend blends the piezo output with the Moog pick-ups.
  • Harmonic Balance shifts the Vo Power (sustain/mute) power between the neck and bridge pick-up. In the center position the power is balanced between the neck and bridge.
  • Master Volume controls overall volume including both the Moog Pick-up output as well as the piezos.
  • Tone/Filter controls both tone and the resonance of the Moog ladder filter dependent upon the position of the Filter Mode Toggle switch.

There are three switches:

  • Moog Guitar Mode determines the application of the Vo Power. There are three positions: Sustain, Controlled Sustain, and Mute
  • Filter Mode Toggle with three positions: Standard Guitar Tone, an articulated Moog filter (e.g similar to an auto-wah), and classic Moog Ladder filter
  • Five Position Pick-up Selector Switch: Piezo, Bridge only, Out of Phase, In Phase, Neck only.

What sets the Moog Guitar apart from sustainer guitars?

  • The first and most basic difference is that the Moog Guitar is able to MUTE the strings, actually physically stopping the strings’ vibration.
  • The Moog Guitar in the FULL SUSTAIN mode is more powerful and responsive than anything on the market. The Moog Guitar also has governors on every string that prevent excessive buzzing. It is a very strong and even sustain on every string, on every fret. The Moog Guitar can sustain full six-note chords easily.
  • When in any mode (Full Sustain, Controlled Sustain, or Mute) you do not have to sacrifice one of the pick-ups for the functionality of the innovations. This means there’s always sound coming from both pick-ups. The ability to pan mute and sustain control between pick-ups (with the included foot pedal) is the source of Harmonic Blending.
  • You’re always in control of the Moog Guitar. When Controlled Sustain is engaged, you pick and choose what strings are being given energy (by playing them!), without having to mute the other strings with your hands. There is no spill-over of energy to unwanted strings.

Visit the Moog Guitar Webpage for more info and FAQ.

More Images (click to enlarge):

Moog Statement:

“Every once in a while something comes along that keeps you up for nights at a time; permeating your mind like your first love. For many of us here at Moog, the Moog Guitar has generated a number of sleepless nights.

“Many of you, great customers who have trusted us for years, may be wondering “Why a guitar?” I understand perfectly. From the outside it may not make sense, but trust us again when I say this is an instrument like no other.

“When you put it in your hands, or maybe more correctly your guitar playing bandmate puts it in their hands, and you see the glee on their face as they imagine the sonic palette this instrument makes possible, you will truly understand. It’s at that point, you’ll think to yourself – “Moog’s done it again.”

“Thanks for placing your trust in Moog Music.” – Mike Adams, President, Moog Music Inc.


~ by dolphinblog on July 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Moog Announces Unique New Guitar”

  1. Wow, that looks really interesting. If only I had the fat cash for one. If only…


  2. Holy S*it!!!!
    thats friggin awesome!
    great site BTW

  3. If you folks at Dolphin can get a hold of one of them for a couple of hours I’d love to see some clips of one of those guitars in action. When they say ‘unlimited sustain’ the first thing that comes to mind is Nigel Tufnel. And I can’t even imagine how the mute thing works.

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