Hayden Amps – Affordable Valve Amps!

Hayden amplifiers combine elegant design with the finest components and meticulous attention to detail to create guitar amplifiers of exquisite tone and quality. As Hayden is a sister company of Ashdown, we can certainly be sure of the quality…

So, if anyone is thinking about buying a new, vintage style valve amp, Hayden is a name to consider. Dolphin is doing a really good deal on some products from the range, including the cool Blonde Buxom Head Amp, which goes with a £700 discount off SRP! It’s hand-wired, all valve and made in England – pure class, really!

Another really good offer is the Hayden 412 Cab, which costs only…£99!

The looks of the whole Hayden range is just stunning…and other offers also include the Peacemaker 60 Head and the FA 50 DSP Combo.

Of course, you can’t compare a £99 cab with the more high end cabs from Marshall, or Mesa Boogie, but for the price you can’t go wrong. It’s great that anyone can have a pretty cool 4×12 stack setup so cheap – just imagine: You can spend less than £200 with the Hayden 412 cab and an Epiphone Valve Junior head!

Full info about those amps & offer, can be found here.


~ by dolphinblog on June 30, 2008.

One Response to “Hayden Amps – Affordable Valve Amps!”

  1. Wow, I wish I could find something similar in Aus. Once one of those made its way down under it would cost about 4 times the price!

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