Phantom Limited Run Teardrop® Hollowbody Deluxe! Sweet…

Sometimes, you just chance upon something of incredible beauty and can’t believe your eyes…and this Teardrop® Hollowbody Deluxe is one of those things…not just a fantastic recreation of the classic Vox Teardrop…but an improvement on the original!

 Phantom Teardrop Hollowbody Deluxe

This beautiful Deluxe Teardrop Hollowbody is a very collectible and rare guitar. Only 20 of those were made in 2007, and Dolphin got the last one! Brand new, stunning finish, and all the vibe of an authentic Teardrop.

It includes a maple top, bookend matched flame red, black sides & back, black headstock, ALL chrome vintage tremolo, three Alnico custom “Black Jack” pickups, and a 5-way selector switch.

Fans of 60’s rock music (and of Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, in particular) have always considered the Vox Teardrop guitar as one of the coolest and most desirable instruments. The Phantom Limited Run Teardrop® Hollowbody Deluxe is a perfect recreation of the legendary Vox Teardrop, perfectly balanced and with a neck that’s great to play.

Plug this baby on a Vox AC-30 and you’ll be in heaven…but if you fancy it you’ll have to hurry up, as the one Dolphin Music has in stock is likely not to last long…

The Phantom Teardrop Hollowbody Deluxe is quite possibly the coolest electric guitar you’re  going to come across with in a long time… The guitar is being sold for £799, not bad…

More photographs on the Phantom Teardrop Product Page


  • Flame Maple Top  (Red)
  • Black sides
  • Black back
  • 3 Alnico humbucking pickups
  • 5 way switch
  • Bigsby Style Vibrato
  • Includes hardshell case & free vintage-style red guitar lead

~ by dolphinblog on April 24, 2008.

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