Ibanez Celebrates the 20th Anniversary Of Classic Satriani Album with Stunning New Guitar!

 To mark 20 years since the release of Joe Satriani’s classic “Surfing With The Alien” album, Ibanez is releasing a stunning new JS Signature Guitar…


This JS20th Japanese model, celebrates 20 years of Joe Satriani’s classic “Surfing With The Alien” album.  It is an outrageous looking, limited-edition and highly-collectible guitar – with a visual inspired by Satriani’s classic album cover (view artwork), featuring iconic Marvel comic hero the Silver Surfer. Only a handful of those guitars will be made available worldwide! SRP £4499 on sale now at Dolphin Music, though expected to arrive only in November!

A more affordable (£999) Korean made version will also be released. View it here.

Joe Satriani (or Satch, as his fans call him) is one of the most influential guitarists from the 80’s, and his Signature Range of Ibanez guitars has been very popular in the last few years.

Now, 2008 might prove to be a vintage year for Satriani fans: besides the addition of those new Ibanez Anniversary guitars, Vox is releasing the Satchurator distortion pedal, designed with Satriani’s help and which might appeal even to non-Satch fans!

The Satriani Guitars:

The Magician’s power is transformation through the use of will and sheer talent. This is power of a dangerous sort which commands the material world and the high-wire acts he performs often seem like dark magic.

With its outrageous design, the JS20th is able to raise impossible flurries of notes and melodies from the fertile pastures of your rock guitar dreams, and surfing trough the melodies it’ll certainly inspire you to play, it’ll take you higher and higher into space…

This model turned heads at the last NAMM 2008, as huge crowds were attracted by its stunning looks and the eye-catching Silver Surfer display…”Satch” must be proud! (btw – doesn’t he look like a silver surfer type of alien, nowadays?)

Additional Images (click to enlarge):

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Joe Satriani Myspace Page


~ by dolphinblog on April 11, 2008.

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