“Where has this guitar been all our lives?” says TOTAL GUITAR magazine

The Washburn WI64V is the latest model from Washburn’s Idol Series to be reviewed, and it got a glowing, 5/5 review!

 “The WI64V is versatile, cool, and cheap. What’s not to like?” TOTAL GUITAR The WI64V comes artifically aged with distressed blonde or black finishes. With its cool look and unique V.C.C. pickup circuit that blends between single coil and humbucking tones, the WI64V receives one of the best reviews we’ve seen in a long time – with a maximum 5/5 and Best Buy Award.

Washburn WI64V Review in Total Guitar

“From the slim body to the mananageable neck, the Idol’s rocked since its luanch in ’99.  The scuffing on this guitar is the icing on an already tasty cake.”

“Then there’s the VCC system.  There’s a control dial for each picku,p so first TG turned both down to ‘1’, bringing in a singlecoil snap that’s perfect for biting riffs.  Next, we rolled both up to ’10’, put both feet in the humbucker zone, and unlocked a thick roar.  Finally we rolled both controls to 5 and started racking our brains for words to describe the warm-yet-cutting hybrid tone that spilled forth.   You’ve literally never heard anything like it.”

For: Clever features backed with dues-paying build
Against: Nope, we can’t think of anything

Summary: Where has this guitar been all our lives?

If you got excited about it, visit the Product page on Dolphin Music for more details. RRP £449. The Black model looks pretty nice, too…


~ by dolphinblog on March 26, 2008.

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