Gibson’s Purple Robots Set to Invade Your Home?

 Yes, the Robot Guitars are back!

The Limited Edition Robot Guitar, released this past December, sold out in one weekend. Ever since, guitarists worldwide have demanded another opportunity to own Gibson’s revolutionary self-tuning guitar. There will never be another Limited Edition Robot, but Gibson USA has added the new Robot Les Paul Studio and the Robot SG Special into regular production.


For the time being, Gibson’s new Robot Guitars will be available in Metallic Purple and Metallic Green finishes only, and both models are tricked out with Neutrik jacks, mahogany bodies and necks, ebony fretboards (24 3/4“ scale length,) and a pair of 490R (neck,) and 498T (bridge) humbuckers. Chrome ”Robotic“ hardware includes the Powertune ”Data Transmitting“ Tailpiece, Powertune ”Tune-Control“ Bridge, Powertune Master Control Knob, and Powertune Satin Nickel Tuners.

The Gibson Les Paul Studio LTD is selling for a  list price of $3,999, while the Robot SG Special LTD lists at $3,599. We’ll keep you updated with more news, as soon as UK list prices and availability are announced.


~ by dolphinblog on March 25, 2008.

One Response to “Gibson’s Purple Robots Set to Invade Your Home?”

  1. I really love the neon purple! Its very rock n roll and different then what you see everyday on stage. This this seems very advanced…anyone played on one yet? Would love to hear a review!

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