Epiphone Announces The Les Paul Ultra-II


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Nashville, Tennessee) The Epiphone Guitar Company of Nashville, TN. announced the introduction of the new Les Paul “Ultra-II” electric guitar. Based upon Epiphone’s top-selling Les Paul Ultra, the new Ultra-II adds a proprietary NanoMag™ low-impedance pickup embedded into the fingerboard and custom electronics to create a Les Paul that is not only capable of blistering, electric guitar riffs but also shimmering acoustic-like tones and when combined, greatly expanded frequency range and tonal capabilities.

The Ultra-II in Midnight Ebony.

First, the new Ultra-II is all Les Paul. It’s pair of Alnico Classic™ magnetic humbucking pickups combined with traditional LP design let’s you rock like legendary Les Paul players. However, the Ultra’s body is strategically chambered to not only reduce the weight, but to add subtle acoustic overtones. Taking advantage of this design, Epiphone teamed up with the premier German acoustic pickup maker, Shadow to take the Ultra to the next level. The result is the Ultra-II.

The goal of the Ultra-II was to create a more versatile guitar that was capable of not only real Les Paul tone, but also acoustic-like qualities but without adding a lot of controls and changing the overall appearance of the legendary Les Paul. Unlike other instruments that attempt to create a completely new guitar design, Epiphone went about this differently by starting with a proven, electric guitar design and adding to it.

At the heart of the Ultra-II is the NanoMag pickup. Referring to its small size and its composition, the NanoMag is a completely new kind of magnetic pickup that combines 3 Samarium-Cobalt magnets with on-board, active electronics to produce a low-impedance pickup with absolute linear response and an uncharacteristically wide frequency range. Voiced specifically for the Ultra-II, the NanoMag is embedded in the fingerboard after the 22nd fret. Positioned at this harmonic-rich “sweet spot, the Nanomag is able to capture all the harmonics – from the lowest to the highest – with incredible accuracy. All with ZERO noise or artificial coloration. This again is different from all other acoustic pickup technology.

The Ultra-II’s NanoMag pickup mounted just beyond the 22nd fret.

Front mounted controls for the Ultra-II remain in the standard LP locations. However, function is changed to Neck Volume (magnetic), Bridge Volume (magnetic), Master Tone and NanoMag volume. Controls specifically for the NanoMag, as well as the 9-volt battery compartment are discreetly mounted on the back of the instrument on the control cavity plate.

The Ultra-II’s NanoMag EQ control panel on the back of the guitar.

Using the back controls, you can set the treble, bass and gain of the NanoMag. Once you find the settings you want, you generally won’t make many changes to them. However, the control is there if you need it.

The Ultra-II also adds true stereo outputs that allow you to either combine its Alnico Classic humbuckers with the NanoMag output or, separate the two for mixing possibilities. Both options allow the use of standard ¼” instrument cables. With this, the player can route the magnetic pickups to a standard electric guitar amplifier and the NanoMag to an acoustic guitar amp or the PA. Using the front mounted volume controls, unlimited blending and mixing of the two signals is possible.

The Ultra-II’s stereo outputs work with ordinary ¼” cables.

Long time Ultra player, Nancy Wilson was instrumental in the testing of the Ultra-II. Her live performances with Heart as well as her extensive film scoring made her a perfect partner. “I am extremely happy about the new Ultra-II. I’ve never liked a lot of complex sound choices, especially on stage, but this guitar is just versatile without being confusing. There are 5 or 6 sounds I can switch between in the course of one song and it really bridges the gap between acoustic and electric. That is especially great for me as I usually have to choose between one or the other on a song by song basis. This guitar is awesome!” said Nancy.

The new Ultra-II will made its initial public debut at the Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA in January 2008, and it’s already taking the industry by storm! If you have not checked it out yet, catch the video below from Paul Riario at Guitar World Magazine. The guys at Guitar World were so taken with the Ultra-II that they have awarded it the prestigious Guitar World Platinum Award!

Watch Video Here

 Visit Guitar World Magazine on-line at www.guitarworld.com.

The Ultra-II will be available at authorized Epiphone retailers worldwide beginning in the first quarter of 2008. Dolphin Music is selling them for £379.99 – a pretty reasonable price for such an amazing guitar! Available colors are Faded Cherry Sunburst and Midnight Ebony.

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9 Responses to “Epiphone Announces The Les Paul Ultra-II”

  1. While on my way to my bank to deposit more money into my checking acct. because I was losing auctions for a new or used L.P. Studio or Standard by buyers who apparently had way more money to spend than I did, (the Deluxes like the 78 I used to own were way out of my price range), I decided to stop once more and look at what our one and only music store had aquired from the NAMM Show in Cali. two weeks previously. They had promised me some more models were on their way and they were going to have a sale. True to their word they had some new models hanging on the wall. On my way to the made in U.S.A. models they would not bargain down enough for me to afford, I saw the faded Cherry Sunburst Gibson/Epi Les Paul Ultra II, and it was love at first sight. Even before I was enlightened with all the new technology they crammed into this modern, yet vintage style beauty, I knew this was the guitar I had waited 26 years for since selling my Deluxe and Lab Series stereo capable 100W with twin 12’s for my first wedding set,(still kick my butt at least once daily). The sales lady asked me if I wanted to play the Ultra II while she politely cleaned up the drool puddles under me while I stared at it. Some sound that she must have taken for an affirmative came out of my mouth, so she took it down off the wall. After only ten minutes of playing, I knew there was a reason I had waited. The Ultra II is a guitar player’s dream. I’ve only been able to play with one amp in the mono mode as I haven’t been able to purchase an accoustic amp yet, but even with only my old Peavy amp, the sounds I get from this chambered bodied guitar are phenomenal. I just aquired three effects pedals and are experimenting with the sounds I am able to get, plus they boost the amplification power of the Peavy. I’m like a babe in the woods with this guitar and all of it’s technology, but I am still one happy baby. I’ve looked for blems of any sort on the gold hardware and in the finish, but I cannot find one thing wrong with craftsmanship of this guitar. With the quilted maple top, the satin finish on the back of the neck which allows greater hand speed without the combination of sweat and clear finish slowing me down any. It stays in tune wonderfully with the extra large Grovers and the action is low and fast. I’m still learning something new every day about this guitar and it’s capabilities. I cannot say enough good things about it other than the fact I wish it was made in the good ol’ USA. The standards of workmanship are looked over by Gibson techs themselves, which makes me feel more secure about it’s quality. If anyone out there has opinions on which accoustic amp I should get, please help me in any way you can. I would appreciate it. I would also like to get another electric amp that has built in midi effects that will allow me to practice my lead licks, but for now C.D.s with Lynyard Skynard, the Outlaws, Aerosmith, Dan Fogelberg (may he rest in peace along with Jeff Healy), and so many others will have to do. Before the luxury of midi files, that’s how I learned to play anyway. I’ve been playing now for 33 years and am still learning new techniques and even new basics. This Les Paul Ultra II will help me along greatly. I’m very happy I waited for this guitar. It was well worth the wait.

    • I just got my Les Paul Ultra II a couple of weeks ago and it after playing almost 60 years, I started in diapers!, it is one of the greatest guitars I have ever played. With this guitar the hype is not merely hype. With two amps, an acoustic and an electric it really comes into its own. But, and this was a surprise, last Saturday I did a gig at Borders book store and use just the Carvin 3 channel amp. Unbelievable!! The acoustic out went to the first channel and the stereo out went to the second channel, acoustic and electric inputs respectfully.
      Using a pan pedal, I could switch instantly back and forth or blend the tomes.
      This may not be the best Les Paul ever, but if you are a combination singer and guitar instrumentalist, you would be very hard pressed to find anything better in the Les Paul lineup. If you have arthritis in the hands as I do, its short scale and narrow fretboard is a real blessing.

      Thank you Epiphone and thank you Les.

  2. I saw Nancy Wilson play this guitar at the Epiphone party at the NAMM show. I had not yet heard the guitar. Everyone from Shadow and Epiphone was telling me how great it was and I half believed them. Then I heard her play some of her classic stuff using the Alnico humbuckers and that sounded good. She did a ballad using the Shadow NanoMAG pickup and the overpacked Pulse Lounge in the Anaheim Hilton quieted down when they the heard the acoustic sound comming from her Les Paul! It really was surprisingly good acoustic sound. I can’t wait till I can afford one.

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  4. I want one.

  5. Not sure about the black, the pattern on it looks like dodgy wallpaper. But the sunburst version is stunning. And I love that interior pic.

  6. Had mine since March of 2008. Unbelievable sound & tone. Best guitar I ever heard! Well worth the money, why didn’t Gibson do one also?

  7. how much is the guitar

  8. Guitar looks great and all the reviews have been solid, even at the MF and GC sites. Can’t wait to play one at the local GC. The Korea vs. China thing might be a slight concern. From what I hav ein my stable, the Korean quality and workmanship is solid to great. No duds from there on this end, but I only own 3 (out of 27 guitars) that were made in Korea.


    That Guy.

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