Boss RE-20 Space Echo: Still Exciting After All this Time…

We first heard of the new Boss RE-20 back in April last year. It wasn’t until December that it finally arrived in the UK. Web forums have been full of posts of people hoping to get hold of one or simply trying to find sound samples. The amount of interest it has generated cannot be understated – all units were already pre-sold by the time they arrived at Dolphin Music, for instance!

They received a new batch at the end of January 2008. and, once again, sold everything already. I was lucky enough to get the last one, and yes – the hype is true!!!

It sounds so organic, it’s simply amazing. It’s quite possibly even better than the Electro-Harmonix Memory Man, it’s really difficult to believe it’s actually digital! I already have a Memory Man in my pedalboard…if I can’t fit both, I’m seriously considering ditching it in favour of the RE-20…

Also, reading comments by people who were familiar with the original Roland RE-201 Space Echo, it’ll be difficult to justify, as far as the sound goes, the purchase of an original RE-201 when you can get the RE-20: smaller, cheaper and more reliable.

I found a pretty pretty pretty good You Tube Video Demo of the Boss RE-20. It’s quite long (10 minutes!) and not the most exciting of videos ever, but displays quite well the sounds you can get from the RE-20, so much so that you can almost zone out just listening to all those sounds, lost in the beauty of its echo and reverb. Watch Video.

Good news: Dolphin Music has just ordered a few more RE-20s, and if they come as quickly as the last batch, you won’t have to wait much! Visit the Dolphin Music RE-20 Page.

I think we can safely say that the RE-20 is a new classic, and it’s just a matter of time until it finds it’s way to the pedalboard of some great bands and is used for memorable songs…like the RE-201 did in the past. Let’s wait and see. Or rather…hear!


~ by dolphinblog on February 1, 2008.

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