Check Out The World’s Largest Guitar!

Hard Rock Park in Myrtle Beach unveiled a partnership announcing Gibson as the Park’s official musical instrument sponsor at an official ceremony on Thursday, January 24, 2008.

As part of this multi-faceted partnership, Gibson will most notably be celebrated in the center of the Park, where a 70-foot tall Gibson Guitar icon, the world’s largest  guitar, will tower over the Hard Rock Park lagoon. The interactive icon will be a feature in the laser and fireworks show every evening at the Hard Rock Theme Park.

The icon will sit on a 600 square-foot Gibson retail store and gallery which allows for it to tower 90 feet in the air. Park-goers will be able to view displays of one-of-a-kind Gibson guitars, including the new, Gibson Robot Guitar, an automatic tuning guitar.

The store will feature a special hand rail imprinted with a timeline of Gibson’s history, and the interior is designed in such a way that guests will feel as though they are actually entering the inside of a guitar. The Hard Rock Theme Park will open to the public in Summer 2008.


~ by dolphinblog on January 28, 2008.

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