The Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars – by Guitar Magazine

In their latest issue (Feb. 2008) Guitar magazine reviewed 20 of the best acoustic guitars available for under £250, so here’s a look at some of them, which you can find on Dolphin Music!

Epiphone AJ-100 Advanced Jumbo

 Under £100: Epiphone AJ-100 The AJ-100 is Epiphone’s entry acoustic guitar with a pro level quality. The Epiphone AJ-100 top is a select spruce while the sides and back are made from mahogany to ensure a solid yet bright tone. Guitar magazine agrees, and recommends this one for McCartney fans looking for an affordable alternative to the Texan model. According to the magazine, the AJ-100 “has a bright and clear tone” and is “a distinctive looking and sounding guitar for the money”.

Vintage V300 Acoustic Natural

£100 – £149: Yamaha F310 and Vintage V300

Even though those guitars were listed amongst the £100-£149 acoustic guitars, you can buy then for under £99 on Dolphin! Which sounds like a great deal, because according to Guitar magazine, those models offer a “quantum leap in quality” when compared to other under £100 guitars.

The Yamaha F310 (£79) was described as a guitar that sounds “very smooth and mellow, with a gentle thump in the bass and a slightly shy treble. As such, it’s very easy to play, with no notes or frequencies that jump out at you.”

As for the Vintage V300 (which Dolphin sells for £75!) this is what Guitar magazine had to say: “We’ve always been impressed by Vintage’s electric guitars, and it seems the acoustics are good, too. This V300 lies somewhere between a small dreadnought and a Grand Auditorium, and it looks rather elegant.” As for the sound, it’s “bright and very clear with good note separation and a punchy bass.”

In this price range, we can also recommend the Alvarez RD8SB Dreadnought, which was not mentioned in the magazine but that, for £129, offers an outstanding value for money – not only does it sound great, but it also comes with a free, good-quality  hardcase.

Takamine G220S-NS Nex Bodied Acoustic Guitar

£150 – £199: Takamine G220S-NS

The Takamine G220 S-NS (£160.85)  is a 6-string NEX bodied acoustic with a solid spruce top, black bound mahogany back and sides with a black binding. For Guitar magazine, edging up towards the £200 mark is “where things get interesting, with more body shapes, sizes and woods” and the Takamine ended up being “one of the sweetest sounding and certainly the nicest playing guitar of the lot.” This guitar was deemed a classy all-rounder, good for fingerpicking and strumming, with a neck that feels wonderful.

Yamaha FG720S Brown Sunburst

£200 – £250: Yamaha FG720-S

Guitar magazine says that in this price range you’ll find guitars that are not that different from the slightly under £200 instruments, but you’ll be getting finer finishes, inlay work etc. This Yamaha FG720-S has solid spruce top, die-cast chrome hardware, and unique non-scalloped bracing which helps this model to build on the longevity and legendary status of the originals. For Guitar magazine, it’s a guitar that “plays like a dream…it has depth without loseness and treble without harshness, and would make a perfect upgrade from a first guitar.”

Guitar Magazine website


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  1. Price on cheap and best product

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