The Rise and Rise of Ukuleles!

The Hawaiian Ukulele is making something of a comeback – the instrument made famous by George Formby is now a popular choice for primary school children, because it is easy to play and looks a bit like a small guitar.

George Formby   George Formby

According to a BBC report, for a growing band of school children it’s out with the recorder and in with the ukulele. The craze for the instrument has hit primary schools across Britain.

Of course, adults also find much to like about Ukuleles, and even The Beatles were heavily into the instrument – George Harrison wouldn’t travel without his, John Lennon has been photographed with one, and Paul McCartney often plays it at his live shows…

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George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney with their ukuleles…

Out of the new generation of rock stars, the most notable Ukulele player is indie cult-hero Patrick Wolf, who many consider to be the 21st century David Bowie and was one of the highlights of the 2007 Leeds & Reading Festival.

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Patrick Wolf, new ukulele star

Ukuleles are a delightful instrument to play – for small children and seasoned musicians alike.  The upcoming release of a SpongeBob SquarePants Ukulele Pack will certainly help to boost the instrument profile even more – if such help was needed! Ukuleles are sure to be a popular xmas presents this year…so what are you waiting for??? It’s time to get yours, too!


The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain


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2 Responses to “The Rise and Rise of Ukuleles!”

  1. Ukulele on «Help Me, Rhonda»

    Ukuleles usually don’t make it onto hit records. They don’t have a cool image and stand in the shadow of the guitars. But one ukulele was lucky and made it onto the single version of «Help Me, Rhonda» by the Beach Boys in 1965. It’s…

  2. Thanks for a great article supporting my favorite instrument.

    I play an 8 stringer with my band ‘The Long Holidays’ if you’re interested.


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