21st November – NO MUSIC DAY

Today is NO MUSIC DAY. BBC One Scotland is not playing any music at all today. But not an awful lot of people know about NO MUSIC DAY, it seems.

It’s a 5 year plan created by Bill Drummond, ex-KLF, ex-Echo & The Bunnymen manager, ex-“man who burnt a million pounds”. A nutter, a visionary, a cultural agitator in Liverpool.

NO MUSIC DAY is an interesting idea, an interesting protest, that aims to make people think…but will they?

And can musicians like us  live even one day without music…?

Post your thoughts here, we’re interested in reading what YOU LOT got to say about it!

Visit those links for more info:



The Dolphin Music offices are mysteriously quiet today, no music at all. But that might be just a (fitting) coincidence…no one else knows about it!


~ by dolphinblog on November 21, 2007.

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