Don’t be modest! Fender wants YOUR photographs!!!

Interesting news! This could also be really good as a tool for bands/ artists to promote themselves a little bit more…if you play Fender, that is!

Fender are trying to boost their cool player community to an entirely new level guest starring… you!

Show them Your Fender – Tell FenderYour Story
Fender wants your best…

• Photos
• Snapshots
• Video clips

…featuring you and your beloved Fender guitar or bass.

You never know – if theydig what you send in, you just might see yourself starring in a new Fender feature!

Upload your photos and video clips to today.
Dolphin Music are one of the largest Fender dealers in Europe, so if you don’t own a Fender, maybe it’s time do get one!

View Fender Guitars @ Dolphin Music:


~ by dolphinblog on November 15, 2007.

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