Introducing the First Act guitars – A Rock God’s dream…

For some reason, not that many people seem to have heard of the First Act guitars…however, whether you’re taking your first lesson or you’re already a big time rock star, First Act got what you need–musical instruments with excellent sound quality and superior craftsmanship. Everyone from Franz Ferdinand to Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Gun’N’Roses are using one…you too will love playing with Lola, Sheena and Delia…

First Act, based in Boston, MA, is a pioneer and leader in musical products. Their mission is to promote and deliver the opportunity to play music to everyone. First Act wants to electrify and inspire players, from budding musicians to professional artists because they believe that the dream of playing music should be available to all. Now, the First Act guitars are finally available to you, at Dolphin Music. And you’ll fall in love with Lola, Sheena and Delia…

SFA Edition Guitars

Inspired by the Limited Edition line, SFA Edition guitars offer custom sensibility and great value.

Lola is a curvy, beveled single cutaway body designed in the First Act Studio for Artists. With a body shape reminiscent of the Les Paul, the Lola still has a personality of it’s own.

Sheena is a scorching single cutaway. Warm as the sun, Features rich, jangly, warm tones with great balance and ultimate high fret access.

Delia is an elegant, double cutaway semi-hollow body. Perfect for guitarists who want the unique, versatile full sound of a semi-acoustic, but that also demand a guitar that looks and feel modern and exciting. Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is perhaps the best-known Delia convert, playing his ace custom black Delia.

Limited Edition Guitars

The Limited Edition guitars combine handcrafted precision, gorgeous resonance, and hot looks.

Lola is the ultimate rock guitar, Delia has a sweet semi-hollow body and Sheena is a rocking single-cutaway, solid-body electric from First Act’s acclaimed Limited Edition line.

First Act have made guitars for artists with styles ranging from heavy metal to bluegrass, power pop to pure punk. Check out some of the artists who play First Act guitars:

First Act artists

Browse through the new First Act guitars on Dolphin Music

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