Italia Guitars Now on Dolphin Music!

You can now purchase the Italia guitars here at Dolphin music. Designed in the UK by guitar guru Trev Wilkinson, those great looking guitars are made with an incredibly high standard of design and craftsmanship – but are available for very affordable prices.   


Guitars from top left: Maranello Classic, Mondial Deluxe, Modena Classic, Modulo Tipo 3, Torino Deluxe, Rimini Deluxe

Using revolutionary Pearl & Sparkle materials with new application techniques, Italia’s have all the Retro looks of the most outrageous ’60’s designs combined with 21st Century build & sound quality.

Italia guitars feature Wilkinson-designed hardware & pickups making them play and sound as good as they look – and, with 12-string, twin-neck, and left-handed models in the range, they look stunning !



Basses from top left: Maranello Standard, Mondial Classic, Rimini Deluxe, Modulo Tipo 1, Modulo Tipo 3, Imola Deluxe

With a respectable list of endorsees, you can see how seriously these guitars have been taken by many professional players in the world, including Chris Rea, Keith Duffy (The Corrs), Gary Day (Morrisey) and others. Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers could be seen playing an Italia bass at some of the biggest music festivals this Summer, such as Glastonbury and V Festival. See Image

This month’s official launch of Italia guitars in the UK might as well be considered one of the single most significant releases of the year, for guitar fanatics – with so many new models, at such great prices, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Here’s the full list of Italia Guitars on Dolphin Music


~ by dolphinblog on August 21, 2007.

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