Line 6 Releases Two Great New Recording Tools!

Those two recent Line 6 releases are a dream come true for guitarists who want small recording packages that are portable and affordable, but that still offer professional-quality sound.

Pocket POD®

Pocket POD® exhibits all the celebrated features and pro tone that makes POD a standard in recording studios everywhere. Don’t be fooled by the smaller package, Pocket POD is packed with over 300 custom presets dialed in by some of today’s hottest rock stars like Maroon 5, P.O.D., 311, Hoobastank and many more.

Battery-powered and about the size of a tuner, Pocket POD is completely portable. Use it for effects in front of your amp, or just plug in headphones and practice anywhere, anytime.

Connect to any computer via USB, then download the free Vyzex software and “deep dive” into all your tone details to create your own custom tone, or manage your own personal tone library right on your desktop. Or visit to download any of the 3,000 free presets created by guitarists from around the world.

Pocket POD lets you sound like a rock star wherever you go. Demos and video can be found here

The Pocket POD retails at £64.99 on Dolphin Music

TonePort GX™

This USB Recording Interface puts the legendary sound of the POD on your computer at an unprecedented price!

Turn your computer into a guitar studio with the TonePort GX, a sleek and miniaturized portable USB interface from Line 6 that’s made for guitarists. This palm-sized powerhouse offers nothing less than professional-grade 24-bit audio recording and rock-solid drivers supporting the easy-to-use USB audio connection. Small enough to clip to a guitar strap, the TonePort GX is designed to let any guitarist enjoy recording on their PC or Mac with ease.

The included GearBox software provides a hardware-like, easy-to-navigate interface for dialing up the perfect tone—taken directly from the POD and ready for your guitar, bass, and vocals. Instantly access meticulously crafted models of 23 classic and modern guitar/bass amps, 29 guitar/bass speaker cab models, and 30 stompbox and studio effects, as well as models of 6 studio-standard vocal preamps.

The USB interface provides easy access to Line 6 s GuitarPort Online features as well as an audio player that allows you to instantly jam along with your favorite MP3s. The single 1/4″ input accommodates guitar, bass, or microphone signals (adapter required for XLR). TonePort GX is also compatible with most popular recording platforms, including Sonar, Cubase, GarageBand, and Logic. Innovative ToneDirect Monitoring and top-notch drivers minimize latency noticeable delay between the time you play your guitar and the time you hear your processed guitar sound through your computer s speakers.

The TonePort retails at only £44 on Dolphin Music


~ by dolphinblog on August 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Line 6 Releases Two Great New Recording Tools!”

  1. I’m still a bit on doubt, so it is not possible to record on the computer with the pocket pod alone, it is only possible to use the usb connection to download and workout the presets. And therefore, I need to buy the tone port gx to record on my computer, right?


  2. Yeah, you’ll need some USB interface. In the words of Line 6: “Pocket POD is a class compliant USB MIDI device. You will not be able to directly record over a USB connection”

    Check the Line 6 FAQ here:

    I suppose the main attraction of the Pocket Pod is just to have such a small, portable and cheap amp-modeling tool with such a variety of sounds, at your disposal anywhere, for gigs, practice etc.

  3. Many thanks for the quick response. Cheers.


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