Aged Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck Up for Charity Auction!

FROM GIBSON.COM – A rare “aged” reproduction of Jimmy Page’s s signature Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck Guitar is being sold for charity with eBay Giving Works, eBay’s dedicated charity listing program. The Jimmy Page Guitar Charity Auction began July 23 and will run through August 2, 2007 with 10 percent of the proceeds benefiting the MusiCares Foundation.

Guitar collectors and fans of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin can place bids from now until 5 p.m. PST on August 2, 2007, when the charity auction will close. All bidders must be pre-qualified through Kompolt Online Auction Agency.

The winning bidder will receive No. 11 of the just 26 Limited Edition Gibson guitars replicated after the one Page played during the 1971 Led Zeppelin IV tour. Jimmy Page personally played and then signed each of the 26, keeping No. 1 for himself. This particular replica is identical to the original inside and out, with not only the same unique electronics, but identical scrapes, scratches, dents and dings—all administered by Jimmy over the years through heavy tour use of the original guitar—painstakingly recreated by Gibson’s Custom Shop, the industry pioneers and leaders of the guitar aging process.

Since the night it was purchased at a private “Platinum Night” event held at the San Jose, California, Guitar Center earlier this year, the guitar has been kept sealed in the box; it has never been displayed publicly or privately. The only fingerprints on the guitar are from Jimmy Page himself.

The guitar comes with a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by Jimmy Page.

Visit for more information or to place a bid.


~ by dolphinblog on July 25, 2007.

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