Gibson and Live Earth Announce Partnership in the Fight against Global Warming

Gibson announced yesterday (5th July) a global relationship with Live Earth in the campaign to combat global warming. Gibson Acoustic Guitar has produced 25 exclusive, environmentally-friendly custom guitars with the Live Earth logo emblazoned on the front. These limited-edition acoustic guitars are to be signed by artists performing at the eight official concerts across the globe on July 7, 2007, and ultimately auctioned off to benefit the Live Earth concerts and Alliance for Climate Protection. Numerous artists are also scheduled to perform using the Gibson acoustic Live Earth guitars.

The Live Earth Guitar is based on the best selling J-45 Gibson Acoustic Guitar. This round-shouldered dreadnought design has affectionately been called the “workhorse” by artists since the 1940s. The guitar displays the Live Earth logo, and all graphics were placed on the guitar and then coated with a high-gloss finish. The body and neck of the guitar are constructed using rainforest friendly, FSC-certified mahogany. With a scale length of 24 ¾ inches, the guitar not only produces a full, rich tone but is a pleasure to play. The Live Earth Gibson Acoustic Guitar also comes with its own hard-shell case and the industry’s finest built-in pickup and preamp.“The Gibson custom designed acoustic guitars represent the ultimate combination of music and environmentally conscious practice that is in line with our Live Earth messaging,” said Kevin Wall, Founder and Producer of Live Earth. “Music has the universal power to unite cultures, and we will focus that energy on July 7 to motivate people all over the world to take action to combat global warming.”Gibson Acoustic is providing the custom made guitars designed for Live Earth incorporating not only the guitars’ FSC-certified bodies and necks but the Live Earth and SOS campaign design elements. The guitars will be scattered across the country at each of the eight concerts on July 7, 2007. Many of the artists performing at these concerts will sign the guitars as part of their support for the Live Earth event, the SOS campaign, and the fight against global warming. At the culmination of the Live Earth events, the guitars will be auctioned off on eBay to raise additional funds for the Alliance for Climate Protection.“Gibson Guitar finds it a privilege to work with Live Earth to combat global warming as the event’s official partner,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar. “Live Earth is a great opportunity for activists, musicians, and organizations alike to draw attention to the impact of Global Warming. Gibson Guitar, and its philanthropic arm, Gibson Foundation, are dedicated to supporting the cause for climate protection and the creation of these environmentally friendly guitars.”Visit Live Earth at


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