How To Use Router/ A-B Switch Pedals…

Router pedals are amongst the simplest and most versatile pedals a guitarist can have…making their life easier and able to open up new possibilities for the creative player.Here’s some examples of  Route pedals put to some good use…BEHRINGER AB200 and BEHRINGER AB100

The Behringer AB200 is so versatile that there are many ways you can use it, here’s just three of the most common  uses.

1. One instrument, two amps

Plug your instrument into the IN/OUT 1 input, and  each amp into the A1 and B1 connectors. Pressing switch 1 will toggle between each amp. In this instance, the A1 and B1 connectors work as outputs.

2. Two instruments, one amp

Plug each instrument to the A1 and B1 connectors, and the amp input into the IN/OUT 1. Pressing the switch 1 will toggle between the two guitars. In this instance, the A1 and B1 connectors work as inputs, the opposite of example one. This use makes it much easier to swap instruments during a gig, as both guitars can remain plugged at all times.

Both results can also be achieved using the Behringer AB100 pedal. The advantage of the AB100 is that you can adjust the volume, matching the level of both outputs. However, with the AB100 you can’t do as in example 3, below, which enables you to choose between two instruments and two amps.

The Electro-Harmonix Switchblade pedal does the same as the AB100, but without volume controls. The advantage, though, is that it’s sturdier, and passive – doesn’t require any battery!

It’s up to each guitarist to choose the pedal that best fits their needs, of course.

3. Two instruments, two amps

The two AB200 channels are needed in this case. Plug each instrument to the A1 and B1 connectors, and each amp to the A2 and B2 connectors. You must then link the IN/OUT 1 and IN/OUT 2 plugs using a short cable.

Pressing switch 1 toggles between instruments, and pressing switch 2 toggles between two amps. And there you go – you can have no less than four sounds at the drop of a hat!

If you use FX-pedals, just connect them between the IN/OUT 1 and IN/OUT 2.

Behringer AB200 on Dolphin Music

Behringer AB100 on Dolphin Music

Electro-Harmonix Switchblade on Dolphin Music

BOSS LS-2 Line Selector

Another much appreciated router pedal is the Boss LS-2 Line Selector. Think of it as a mix of the best the AB100 and AB200 have to offer.

Here’s some of the things a guitarist can do with it:


1. A/B Mode: Effects you use for your backing sound are connected to Loop B, while Loop A is used for solos and riffs.

2. A + B MIX / BYPASS mode: This setting lets you mix a solo sound on Loop A and a backing sound on Loop B.

3. A/B Mode: This setup is for switching between an effects loop and tuner. Switch to mode B during live performance for silent tuning.

4. A –––> B / BYPASS mode: This setup lets you switch between Strat and Les Paul type guitars or between a guitar and synthesizer.

5. OUTPUT SELECT mode: This setup lets you choose between two or three outputs such as switching from a tube amp to a transistor amp to a monster stack, etc.

Boss LS-2 Line Selector on Dolphin Music


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