Washburn’s new 200 Pro Series electric guitars receive a brilliant 4-page review in the latest issue (May 2007) of Total Guitar magazine. Reviewer Henry Yates puts four of the models through their paces: the X200 Pro (4/5), WI200 Pro-E (4/5), D200 Pro-E (5/5 Best Buy) and V200 Pro-E (4/5).The X200 Pro‘s simple yet solid design appealed to TG, “Visually speaking, the X200 could move seamlessly from a school jam to a celebrity rack”. All the 200 Pro Series guitars feature branded USA pickups with the Seymour Duncans on this model pleasantly surprising Total Guitar, “You wouldn’t expect anything other than generic ‘own-brand’ items at this price …”.The WI200 Pro-E features an Idol Series body shape with high-gain EMG pickups. The sound? “Enormous. That’s the only word that does justice tot he tone unleashed by those twin EMGs … amazing at this price.”Next up, the D200 Pro E which wins the Total Guitar Best Buy Award. “A whole lot of wood goes into the D200’s build, and that translates into a useful level of natural sustain and a tone that turns mental when you crank the EMGs.” Overall, the D200 Pro E scored 5/5 with praise for “fantastic styling, monster sustain and great distorted performance.”Finally, the V200 Pro-E which received praise for its “stunning body styling” but also praises its balance: “Sometimes the extravagent shape of V guitars means they pull forward; not so with the V200. The good news here is that Washburn has nailed the weight distribution of this model …” Overall a 4/5 review praising its adaptable tone “We threw every technique at this guitar and it successfully batted each and every one of them out of the park.”
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To read the full review just pick up a copy of the May 2007 issue of Total Guitar magazine.

The Washburn 200 Pro Series will be available in May.


X200 Pro

WI200 Pro-E

D200 Pro E

V200 Pro-E


~ by dolphinblog on April 24, 2007.

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