New G-Rack Bundle Promotion for Guitarists

Digidesign is offering an exciting, new plug-in bundle—G-Rack™, a collection of nine amazing effects aimed specifically at recording guitarists—for a limited time. The G-Rack bundle features ultraprecise emulations of every guitarist’s favorite stompboxes and studio effects to deliver everything from classic vintage sounds to edgy modern tones right in any Pro Tools LE™ or Pro Tools M-Powered™ rig.

The G-Rack bundle includes over £1,120/¤1,840 worth of plug-ins offered at the incredibly low price of £90/¤130—that’s £1,030/¤1,710 in savings—and is available for a limited time, from 16th November 2006 until 31st March 2007, in Europe only.


~ by itsstecole on December 8, 2006.

One Response to “New G-Rack Bundle Promotion for Guitarists”

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