Epiphone Offers A Wide Range Of SG Guitars

Looking back, it seems that almost every legendary guitarist has used an SG at some point in their career. From George Harrison’s’s use of it on “Revolver” to Clapton’s use of it on “Disraeli Gears” to Santana’s mesmerizing Woodstock performance to Jimmy Page’s “Stairway to Heaven” double-neck duty, the appeal of the “two-horned devil” is universal. Today, Angus Young of AC/DC, Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, Pete Townsend of The Who, Elliot Easton of the Cars, as well as countless others reach for the SG to give them the look, tone and feel they need.

Originally introduced in 1961 bearing Les Paul’s name, the then radical ultra-thin, two-horned solid body electric guitar was intended to bring an entirely new look to the Les Paul line up. Sales of the traditional thick bodied, single-cut Les Paul guitar had seemingly peaked in 1959 and Gibson wanted a fresh look. Nicknamed the “Fretless Wonder” because of its ultra-fast neck with easy access all the way up the fingerboard, the guitar was designed by Gibson engineers and targeted to compete with the thin, double cutaway guitars from Leo Fender. In 1963, due to issues related to Les’ divorce from Mary Ford and subsequent contract negotiations, Les’ name was dropped and the new name “SG” emerged. Gibson had used the name before simply to mean “Solid Guitar.” However, this time the name stuck and the rest, so they say, is history.

Epiphone offers a wide range of SG guitars suitable for every player’s budget and style. Don’t settle for an imitation. You deserve the real deal. Visit your Authorised Epiphone Retailer today and feel the SG difference.

SG Special: Now everyone can own the classic styling and killer performance of the SG with our most affordable SG guitar – the SG Special. Features include an Epiphone 650R humbucker in the rhythm position and a 650T in the treble position. Both feature powerful ceramic-VIII magnets and traditional noise-free humbucker tone with the 650T being slightly over-wound for a little hotter output and enhanced highs. Controls include a master volume, master tone and a three-way pickup selector toggle switch. Available colors are Cherry and Ebony.

G-310: The G-310 brings traditional SG looks to the party with its full-face pickguard, dual-open coil humbuckers and individual pickup volume/tone controls. As with all Epiphone SG’s, the combination tunomatic bridge with stopbar tailpiece anchors directly to the body creating the tone and sustain you’ve come to expect from a rock guitar. Available colors are Ebony, Red and Vintage White.

Emily the Strange G-310: This limited edition model features the 13-year-olds “anti-cool” face and other familiar graphics from the character created on the Internet by the Cosmic Debris company. It comes with a custom gigbag and strap, both bearing Emily the Strange graphics. All other features are the same as the G-310.

G-400: When you’re really ready to rock, it’s time to pick up an Epiphone G-400. This faithful reproduction of its legendary ancestor, the 1962 Gibson SG, possesses all the bite, tone and comfort at a price that’s also legendary. Its solid mahogany body and set (glued in) mahogany neck combined with the tunomatic/stopbar give it excellent sustain and powerful SG tone. Add to that, two Alnico Classic humbuckers (with an Alnico Classic Plus in the bridge position) with an effortless Slim-Taper™ neck and you’re on your way to rock-‘n-roll heaven. Available colors are Cherry and Ebony

“Faded” G-400: They’re relatively NEW to the SG line up but they look OLD. One run up the 22 fret, worn-finish neck and you’ll be hooked. Our “faded” finishes give the G-400 that well-worn look and feel you in an aged guitar. We’ve also even added “aged” pearl inlays to complete the vintage vibe. Available colors are Worn Brown and Worn Cherry.

G-400 Deluxe: The G-400 Deluxe has all the same great features of the G-400 except we’ve added a gorgeous, flame maple top. Available in Vintage Sunburst.

G-400 Custom: Originally named the “Les Paul Custom” (as indicated on the neck plate) the G-400 Custom is a reproduction of the original “Fretless Wonder” originally introduced back in 1961. The “Custom” brings a level of sophistication and elegance to the SG line with it’s gold hardware, bound fingerboard with multi-bound headstock and ornate pearl inlays. Unique to the Custom, is its three pickup configuration and pickup controls that allow infinite blending combinations and tonal variations. Available in traditional Antique Ivory.

Tony Iommi Signature G-400: What do you get when you take a traditional SG and give it steroids? The answer is the Tony Iommi signature G-400. Legendary Black Sabbath guitarist, Tony Iommi started with the 1962 SG but added a longer 24-fret neck for a full two-octave range, his signature “cross” inlays on the fingerboard, black hardware and Gibson USA “Tony Iommi” pickups. Hard case available (part #940-EGCS).

Using a totally unique design, this is the first signature pickup made by Gibson. With its closed cover it’s built to pack a real punch, with blistering mids, razor-sharp highs and balanced low-end. The “patent-applied-for” magnet configuration and special wire winding ensure maximized sustain, while the wax and epoxy potting protects against unwanted feedback.

G-1275 Double-Neck Custom SG: Think of all the possibilities… Originally introduced in 1962, it features a 12-string and a 6-neck combined on a modified SG body. Epiphone’s G-1275 is a reproduction of the one made famous by Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) with open-coil humbuckers on the 6-string neck and the two tailpieces positioned further back on the body. Available in traditional Cherry finish.


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2 Responses to “Epiphone Offers A Wide Range Of SG Guitars”

  1. I just love the classics!

  2. I have a Bully. When was it most likely made?

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