IK Multimedia Amplitube 2

Sequel to the guitar amp and effects plug-in, raising the standard to an unprecedented level of hi-quality emulation and extreme flexibility.

The AmpliTube 2 interface now presents a gorgeous photorealistic replica of modeled amps and effects that are familiar to every guitarist for immediate sound recognition. Any parameter you need is never more than 2 clicks away, making AmpliTube 2 the fastest effects processor available for the realization of even the most complex guitar sound.

The interface is supported by leading DSP modeling which improves the award winning sound of AmpliTube to a new standard of realism. AmpliTube 2 uses a new ultra-accurate analog modeling technology developed by IK engineers with years of research in circuitry modeling: DSM™ or “Dynamic-Saturation Modeling”. With DSM™ analog circuits are emulated down to a detail of finesse which cannot be offered by any other effects modeler: setting a new industry standard for state of the art analog modeling.

Thanks to DSM™ AmpliTube 2, for the first time, brings out dynamic nuances that a guitarist expects from their most coveted hardware gear. AmpliTube 2 offers the unlimited amount of authentic tonal character that guitarists are looking for.

In addition, Cabinet simulation is refined even more and is now able to respond more like the original speakers down to the very smallest sonic detail. Plus, greatly enhanced microphone modeling with different timbral responses give the final touch to a virtual rig that never before sounds so much like the real thing.


~ by itsstecole on September 7, 2006.

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