Fender G-DEC Guitar Amp with bult in backing tracks!

The Guitar Digital Entertainment Center, or G-DEC, is a one-of-a-kind practice amp that’ll keep you playing for hours and hours because it’s so simple and fun! The G-DEC boasts more features than most full-sized amps, in a small, portable and familiar package. Inside, you’ll find a fully-functional MIDI synthesizer that is used for on-board drum loops complete with practice bass lines and even some accompaniment from other instruments – each with their own volume control! The G-DEC gives you 17 different amp types, 29 effects, 10 reverbs and tons more parameters to design and save your own tones – or simply spin the chrome knob and select from 50 Fender®-designed presets, which include a drum loop with bass and accompaniment and an appropriate guitar tone to match.

The G-DEC has as much digital signal processing power as any of the Cyber-Series amplifiers with additional features such as a flexible 14 second phrase sampler, a full MIDI synthesizer that can be played by an outboard MIDI controller or by MIDI files streamed from your PC, and filters for focusing on different instruments in any song played by an MP3 player or CD player through the auxiliary input.

The G-DEC is an ideal amplifier system for beginning guitarists who can easily learn to play in time and have fun from day one, and is great for the experienced musician as a song writing tool or just a fun practice amp that will keep you playing longer and more frequently.

Start jamming today!


~ by itsstecole on August 20, 2006.

2 Responses to “Fender G-DEC Guitar Amp with bult in backing tracks!”

  1. Hey what a cool amp! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner. I just bought a Digitech Rp200a, which is cool but having to connect it to an amp all the time drives me nuts-this little Fender amp would have been perfect. Doh!

  2. Very cool sounding amp. You should post a review at http://RockGearReviews.com and let all of our readers hear your thoughts on the G-DEC.

    Take it easy,

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